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Culinary Corner August 2022

Rosarito Fish & Seafood Festival On Sunday August 7th, Rosarito will host the 32nd Festival del Pescado y Marisco. The Rosarito Committee of Tourism and Conventions (COTUCO Rosarito) will host the event at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. 30 local restaurants will team up with 30 fishing producers to create a dish that will be given… Read more »

Ceviche is Latin America’s Raw Seafood Dish with Japanese Influence

Originally from South America with indigenous roots over 2,000 years old, some of the world’s best ceviche can be found today just 90-miles over the border in Ensenada, Mexico By Chris Mejia While only introduced to American menus in the 1980s, the popular Latin American seafood dish known as ceviche (pronounced “say-beech-chay”) has been a… Read more »

Tamales, Get Them While They’re Hot!

The Origin of Mexico’s Portable Meal Dates Back Thousands of Years By Chris Mejia For many, tamales conjure fond memories of family cooking parties and winter holiday get-togethers. If you’re Mexican, or Mexican American, chances are that your Mexican abuela (grandmother) passed down her secret family recipe for handmade tamales through the age-old tradition of… Read more »

Baja Fish Tacos

Born in Ensenada of Debated Origins By Chris Mejia Arguably the only of Mexico’s tacos whose origin can be legitimately claimed by the northern coastal state of Baja California, the exact genesis of the iconic battered-and-fried fish taco is something of local lore, and often fiercely debated by food historians and locals alike. While most… Read more »

Tacos Al Pastor

Mexico’s Most Popular Street Tacos Borrow from Lebanese Heritage Cuisine By Chris Mejia Thin layers of marinated pork stacked high onto a vertical rotisserie spit and slow roasted until the outer layers become caramelized, then carved right from the turning spit into warm corn tortillas, create tacos al pastor, Mexico’s most ubiquitous street tacos. Despite… Read more »

Carnitas: A Mexican Heritage Dish for Festive Occasions

The History of Carnitas & A Guide for Ordering By Chris Mejia With a history that harkens back before the founding of Mexico, carnitas (which literally means “little meats”) is one of Mexico’s most celebrated gastronomic traditions. Carnitas is a dish prepared by slow braising various cuts of the pork in its own lard, a… Read more »

Birria is Mexico’s Comfort Food

By Chris Mejia Many beloved dishes the world over can be traced back to peasant cooking, and birria (pronounced “beer-ee-ah” in Spanish), a rich and flavorful meat stew that originates from the Mexican state of Jalisco (capital is Guadalajara) and is said to be a “hangover cure” amongst locals, is a famous example of peasant… Read more »

Culinary Corner January 2022

Tijuana Breweries If it’s been a while since you’ve checked out the breweries in Tijuana, don’t miss the latest round up of the newest and best craft brews as reported by Matthew Suárez for The San Diego Reader. He brings you the best taprooms, tastiest brewpubs, newest breweries, and everything in between. *   *… Read more »

Culinary Corner November 2021

    Mexico’s Wild Mushrooms It may surprise you to know that Mexico is home to a wide variety of wild mushrooms. Since the days of the Mexica (Aztecs), mushrooms have been used for a wide variety of medicinal, religious, and culinary purposes. In the Sierra Norte in Oaxaca, there are over 2,500 species of… Read more »

Culinary Corner October 2021

  Google’s New Mexican Cuisine Website Google’s Arts & Culture department published a new interactive website, “Taste Mexico,” that includes thousands of photographs, illustrations, videos and articles to provide a comprehensive education on Mexican cuisine. Aside from France, Mexican food culture is the only one in the world to make it to the UNESCO list… Read more »