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FMM tourist permit visa baja mexicoNew FMM Tourist Permit Regulations

As of September 2015, all U.S. and Canadian citizens traveling to Baja must have an FMM tourist permit. There is no longer a “free zone” in border regions for trips less than 72 hours. For visits seven days or less, a free FMM is available. For stays over seven days, a paid FMM must be obtained. Discover Baja members can get prepaid FMMs through Discover Baja, saving time and hassle at the border. Visit our FMM FAQ page for more information or our FMM Tourist Permit page for information about obtaining an FMM.


SENTRI bajaSENTRI Changes New Vehicle Process
The new vehicle approval process for SENTRI card holders has changed. SENTRI card holders will still need to go to the GOES website to register a new vehicle. You will then receive a letter in the mail notifying you when the vehicle is approved for use in the SENTRI lane. You can now use the vehicle in the SENTRI lane, but will be pulled over into secondary inspection at the border during one of your times crossing with the vehicle where they will perform the vehicle inspection. The entrance to the San Ysidro SENTRI lane changed in March 2014. See our SENTRI Directions Page for maps and more information.



gas pemex bajaPemex Gas Prices Drop in Baja California

On January 1, 2016, the Pemex gas prices dropped 3% in Baja. The price drop is the first in nearly seven years and is a step in deregulating the current state-owned fuel industry in Mexico. Prices will now fluctuate on a monthly basis (no more than 3% above or below the previous month’s prices), whereas they previously remained rather fixed. Read more…


Cross Border Xpress CBX airport bridge San Diego TijuanaNOW OPEN – Cross Border Xpress (CBX) between San Diego and Tijuana’s Rodriguez Airport
The Cross Border Xpress (CBX) pedestrian bridge that connects San Diego to the Tijuana airport is now open. Ticketed passengers can cross directly from San Diego to the TJ airport with expedited service via a skywalk bridge. This makes it easier to fly to destinations such as Loreto, La Paz, and Los Cabos, as well as mainland Mexico. Tickets are $12 each way on the bridge and can be purchased online at or directly on site. Read more…


toll road ensenada openToll Road to Ensenada Reopened!
The toll road to Ensenada officially reopened on December 16, 2014. The road is now open to through traffic in both directions. The toll road was previously closed for nearly a year after part of the road between Rosarito and Ensenada collapsed in a landslide in December 2013. For most of 2014, the toll road was closed between La Misión and San Miguel (traffic was being rerouted inland via the free road) while the toll road was being rebuilt. For more information see our page about the Toll Road Reopening.

BOAT IMPORTATION PERMIT TIPTemporary Importation Permits for Boats
Discover Baja is pleased to announce that we are now processing temporary importation permits for boats going into Baja. For an extra $45, save yourself the time and hassle of dealing with immigration and the Mexican banks. For the application and more information, please see our page on Temporary Import Permits. Temporary boat importation laws have changed for Baja and now every boat over 4.5 meters (15 feet) that will be going down to Baja needs to have a temporary boat import permit. The fee is $52.20 and can be paid in pesos, dollars or by Visa or Mastercard. The permit is good for 10 years and is good for multiple entry. Read more…


sportfishing nautical fmmSportfishing/Nautical FMMs
Discover Baja is please to announce that we are now processing nautical FMMs for DBTC members! If you are traveling by boat down to Baja, by law you need to have a nautical FMM tourist permit every time you enter Mexican waters. The officials have been cracking down on boats and you will be required to show your fishing license and nautical FMM. There is a new online process where you can apply and pay online for a nautical sportfishing tourist FMM. FMMs cost $306 pesos per person. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard. Go to FMMs are valid for 180 days but are not good for multiple entry – they are for single use only. If you are not going to be within 12 miles of land with the boat, you do not need to have an FMM. See our Page on Nautical Sportfishing FMMs for more information.


otay east 2 border crossingOtay Mesa East Paid Border Crossing
Phase one has begun on The Otay Mesa East border crossing that will be a open only to toll-paying users. The new crossing could be in operation as early as the end of 2017. With 35 new lanes (27 northbound and 8 southbound), the new crossing will greatly ease border congestion for the region and will make it easier for commercial goods to cross the border. Read More… 







ACE HDI increased liabilityIncreased Liability Rates
As of January 2013, Mexican Federal Law changed regarding liability claims for death benefits. This means that you will need more liability on your Mexican auto insurance. Where before $50,000 liability was sufficient, now claims could reach as high as $335,000 in Baja, and even higher in mainland Mexico. Please call our office for more information or help when purchasing insurance.