Emergency and Medical Services

  • Dial 911 to reach emergency services in Baja
  • For up-to-date information about COVID-19, please refer to the Baja California (Norte) and Baja California Sur COVID websites
  • Sharp International Patient Services will help you get back to the U.S. in an emergency. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a Sharp Patient. The 24-hour hotline is 888-265-1513.
  • Medical services are generally much cheaper in Mexico than in the U.S., but we always recommend that you purchase extra travel insurance. This will cover you in the case of a medical emergency and will also give you emergency evacuation.
  • Medical Air Services Association (MASA) is a membership service providing lifesaving medical evacuation.
  • For specific updates on COVID-19 and further resources, please visit our road conditions page


Below is a list of clinics and hospitals in Baja. Discover Baja assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following physicians and medical service providers.

Hospitals and Clinics in Baja:



Excel Hospital
Avenida Paseo de Los Héroes # 2507
Zona del Rio, Tijuana, B.C. CP 22010
México tel: 664-634-3434

Hospital del Prado
Calle Bugambilias # 50
Fraccionamiento El Prado
Tijuana, B.C. CP 22105
Mexico tel: 664-681-4900

Hospital del Carmen
Calle Manuel generic pharmacy site Doblado #402
Colonia Gabilondo
Tijuana, B.C. CP 22410
México tel: 664-681-7279



Clínica Hospital Santa Catalina
Avenida Hidalgo 172
Col. Centro 21400
Mexico tel: 665-654-5555



Hospital General
Calle Alfareros C
Col. Industrial 21000
Mexico tel: 686-557-3861


San Felipe

Abasalo Medical Clinic
Calz. Chetumal
Mexico tel: 686-577-1458 or 686/573-0174

The Baja Medical Center
178.5 Carrettera Federal No. 5
Mexico tel: 686-576-0200

Cruz Roja (for ambulance services)
Mexico tel: 686-577-1544



Hospital General de Playas de Rosarito
(across the street from city hall)
Galilea Este 2200,
Tel: 661-612-6164

Cruz Roja (for ambulance service)
Mexico tel: 661-612-4928



Hospital Velmar
De Las Arenas 151
Mexico tel: 646-173-4500
Open 24 hours


Guerrero Negro

IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) Hospital
Blvd. Emiliano Zapata Esq. San Luis Potosi
Mexico tel: 615-157-0233


Santa Rosalía

SSA Hospital Rural Santa Rosalía
Jaen-Michel Cousteau
Col. Mesa Francia
Mexico tel: 615-152-0789



Centro de Salud
Francisco I Madero
Mexico tel: 615-153-0298



Hospital de la Comunidad de Loreto
Mexico 1, entrance to town
Open 24 hours


La Paz

Hospital Fidepaz
Km. 5.5 Mexico 1
Mexico tel: 612-124-0400

Hospital Juan María de Salvatierra
Ave. Paseo de los Deportistas 5115
Mexico tel: 612/175-0503


Todos Santos

Centro de Salud
Degollado and Juárez
Mexico tel. 612-145-0095
open 24/7


East Cape

East Cape Health Center
#1 Plaza Libertad,
Mexico tel: 624-124-8203
9am-5pm Mon.-Fri., 8am-2pm Sat.,


San José del Cabo

H+ Los Cabos
Km 24.5
Mexico tel: 624-104-9300

Walk in MediClinic
Km. 28
Mexico tel: 624-130-7011


Cabo San Lucas

Blvd. Lázaro Cardenas
Mexico tel: 624-143-9670
open 24 hours

Km. 6.5 Cabo Bello
Mexico tel: 624-104-3911
open 24 hours

Hospital General
Ave. Los Pinos
Col. Los Arcos
Mexico tel: 624-146-4262