Driving Directions

We know that driving in Baja can be confusing and tricky at times. We’ve put together step-by-step driving directions with photos for some of the most difficult areas in Baja such as border crossings, road detours and main routes. We’re also adding videos of many directions which you can access below or on the Discover Baja YouTube page.


*Please note that while we try to ensure our directions are as current and accurate as possible, construction, road closures, border changes, and other unforeseen circumstances may cause differences in the information presented in these directions and the actual border situation.*


U.S. to Mexico – Southbound:

El Chaparral San Ysidro – nothing to declare

El Chaparral/San Ysidro – immigration/something to declare (use these directions if you have an FMM that you need stamped)

Crossing from San Diego through El Chaparral into Tijuana and to the Toll Road (VIDEO)

Tecate Border


Mexico to U.S. – Northbound:

San Ysidro border – regular car crossing

San Ysidro border – Fast Pass Lane

San Ysidro border – Ready Lane

San Ysidro border – SENTRI

Otay Mesa border – regular car crossing

Otay Mesa border – SENTRI

Tecate border

Mexicali EAST border


Other Resources for Driving in Baja:

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