Boat Insurance

If you are towing a boat with your vehicle to Mexico, it MUST be listed on your Mexican auto insurance policy.  Your insurance is considered null and void if you are towing a boat and do not have it listed on your policy. Therefore, it’s extremely important to add it no matter how small the boat or short the distance you will be towing it.

If you are launching your boat from a marina in Baja or you are storing your boat in Baja, you must have on-the-water liability for your boat. Discover Baja provides boat liability through CHUBB. You can fill out and submit our Boat Liability Application to get a quote.

The laws have recently changed and every boat over 4.5 meters (14.7 feet) that is going down to Baja needs to have a temporary import permit. You can obtain this by stopping at the Aduanas office when going through customs at the border. You will need to fill out paperwork and pay a fee of around $50. The permit is good for multiple entry for 10 years. For more detailed information on temporary boat importation, see here.

Please also see our pages on Fishing Licenses and Sportfishing FMMs for more information.