About DBTC

Discover Baja was founded in 1991 by Hugh and Carol Kramer, out of their love for the Baja peninsula, its people, culture and nature wonders.¬†Hugh’s first trip to Baja was in the mid-60’s, and after he and Carol were married in the early 70’s, it became a favorite destination for adventure and exploring the deserts, mountains and pristine beaches.

“Our aim through Discover Baja,” Hugh wrote in an early newsletter, “is to enhance your experience of Baja California. We want the Club to be your best travel information source as you explore the marvels and probe the mysteries of this fascinating and ever-changing peninsula.”

That goal continues to this day, although the scope of services, information and products has grown throughout the years. Carol and the dedicated Discover Baja staff are here to serve you and assist in any way to make your travels to Baja as safe and enjoyable as possible.