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For over 27 years, Discover Baja Travel Club has been in business promoting Baja California and helping travelers from the U.S. and Canada plan their trips to Baja. One of our main initiatives is to work with hotels, restaurants, bars and activities in Baja California to offer our members a discount when they visit your place of business.

You can become a trusted partner of Discover Baja by joining the Discover Baja Discount Program and offering a discount to our members when they visit your establishment. This program is at no cost to you and gives your business free exposure to tens of thousands of Baja travelers who will be encouraged to patronize your business. Our members look to our discount list as a catalog of “trusted partners” with dependable and recommended establishments. Through our member network, database, website and social media channels, you’ll get free publicity and exposure for your establishment to 50,000 Baja travelers.

Complete the agreement form to be a part of the Discover Baja Discount Program (click here for form in español)


Here are some more benefits you’ll receive when you become part of the Discover Baja Discount Program:Discover Baja Discount Program

  • Your business will be listed on the Discover Baja Discount List, which goes out to all of our members every year.
  • We have a city/region guide on where we list hotels, restaurants and activities that we recommend for each region. We’ll include a free, featured listing for your business in the appropriate region.
  • You can give us your brochures to feature in our San Diego office where Baja travelers come in to pick up materials and plan their trips.
  • The Discover Baja Monthly Newsletter reaches tens of thousands of our members and Baja travelers each month. We regularly feature our partner establishments in articles and reviews. You’ll also have the opportunity to advertise in our newsletter at discounted rates.
  • The Discover Baja Blog also features articles and features about Baja California and has thousands of readers each month. We have over 14,000 followers through our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • If you have special promotions events happening, we’re happy to feature them on our website on our Baja Events Calendar.
  • You have the flexibility to offer a discount of a percentage off of the bill (such as 20% off of your stay) or another customer benefit (such as a free appetizer with purchase of an entree, 2-for-1 drink special). The better the deal, the more likely that you’ll get more business.
  • If you link to on your website, you’ll receive a link back from us on our website to your website.
  • There are already hundreds of respected Baja establishments that partner with Discover Baja to offer a discount to our members. You’ll be in good company.
  • You’ll have the ability to partner with us on events promoting Baja California in both Baja and the U.S.
  • We’ll send you an official “Discover Baja Trusted Partner” certificate that you can print and hang in your place of business.


Complete and submit the agreement form for the Discover Baja Discount Program (click here for form in español). You can email with any questions.



For over 20 years, Discover Baja has been working with the finest companies and people in the industry. We’re proud to bring you some of our partners:

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