Boating and Fishing in Baja


Discover Baja is pleased to offer the following services for boating and fishing in Baja:


Temporary Importation Permit (TIP) for Boats

Every boat over 4.5 meters (14.7 feet) that will be going down to Baja needs to have a temporary boat import permit (TIP). The permit is good for multiple entry for 10 years.  Learn more.


Boat Liability Insurance

If you are launching your boat from a marina in Baja or you are storing your boat in Baja, you must have on-the-water liability for your boat. Discover Baja provides boat liability through CHUBB.  Learn more.


Mexican Fishing Licenses

Mexican law requires that all people on a boat that has any fishing tackle aboard have a current Mexican fishing license. Fishing licenses are sold by the day, week, month or year. Learn more.


Nautical Sportfishing FMM Permits

If you are traveling by boat in Mexico north of Ensenada, you are required by law to have a single-use nautical FMM tourist permit every time you enter Mexican waters.  Learn more.


CONANP Annual Biosphere Conservation Passport

There are 182 protected biospheres in Mexico that require visitors in these areas for any recreational activities to purchase either a Biosphere Bracelet that is good for one day’s use, or an annual Conservation Passport, valid for one year. Discover Baja can process the annual conservation passports.  Learn more.


Monthly Baja Fishing Reports

Our monthly Baja Fishing Report is written by fishing expert Gary Graham, “That Baja Guy,” and covers what’s biting all throughout the peninsula.  Learn more.