Million Dollar Mexican Auto Insurance Policies

One of the best benefits of being a Discover Baja member is that you’ll have access to our discounted and exclusive “Million Dollar” Mexican auto insurance policies, offered by CHUBB and HDI. These policies are good for a full 365-day year and save our members on average $100 a year on their insurance. If you spend more than 20 days out of the year in Baja, this policy will be cheaper than purchasing a daily policy. These are exclusive annual policies that are NOT available through any other Mexican auto insurance companies and are only available for Discover Baja members. These policies have all of the great features as our other insurance policies and include the following extra benefits:

  • $1,000,000 liability—allows you to travel all of Mexico without worry
  • A+ rated insurance company
  • No territory limits
  • Valid for a full year—no limit on days spent in Mexico
  • No extra cost on towed units (up to 4 units, liability only)
  • Vandalism and partial theft included with full coverage platinum polices
  • Fixed deductibles $500 Physical Damage/$1000 Theft with platinum policies
  • Higher Medical payments $10k per person/$50k per accident with platinum policies
  • Policy prices start at just $118.67 for vehicles and $94 for RVs
  • Claims are settled in U.S. dollars and repairs may be made to your vehicle in the U.S., Canada or Mexico
  • 24/7 toll-free bilingual hotlines to call for roadside, legal and claims assistance
  • Any driver with a non-Mexican drivers license is covered while driving the vehicle
  • Roadside Assistance: towing, medical evacuation and plane tickets home if your car is not drivable
  • Legal Assistance includes attorney fees, court costs and/or bail bond, with nothing out-of-pocket
  • Towing service (up to $1,000 on a reimbursement basis), to the nearest authorized garage where repairs can be made.

In order for a vehicle to be eligible for full coverage Mexican auto insurance, the vehicle must be worth over $3,000 and under 25 years of age. Liability-only policies are still available for vehicles that do not meet these requirements. If you have a vehicle older than 25 years, and over $3,000 in value that you would like full coverage for, you may call us at 800-727-2252 and request approval.

Any towed boat, trailer, vehicle etc. must be declared on the policy. If this is not done, all coverage will be voided in case of an accident. The towing disclosure and coverage can be added to any existing policy by calling the Discover Baja office 800-727-2252.

Do not under-insure your vehicle! You want to insure your vehicle for the Actual Cash Value – which can quickly be determined by using Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides. We recommend using the higher retail value, because you do not want to risk underinsuring your vehicle.

 Discover Baja Mexican Auto Insurance Free Quote

Ready to insure your vehicle? You can do any of the following:

-Get your insurance online and print your policy to take with you
-Download and complete our Insurance Application to fax or email back to us
-Call 800-727-2252 and one of our staff members will assist you