Motorcycle Mexican Auto Insurance Policies

Discover Baja is pleased to offer Mexican auto insurance for motorcycles. Both full coverage and liability-only policies are available for street-legal motorcycles. Liability only is available for non-street-legal motorcycles.

We are pleased to offer the following features with our policies for motorcycles:

  • Daily or annual policies
  • Exclusive “Million Dollar” annual policies (available to Discover Baja members only!)
  • 30 years experience and proficiency in the field
  • Claims are settled in U.S. dollars and repairs may be made to your vehicle in the U.S., Canada or Mexico
  • 24/7 toll-free bilingual hotlines to call for roadside, legal and claims assistance
  • Roadside Assistance: towing, medical evacuation and plane tickets home if your motorcycle is not drivable (available through CHUBB policies)
  • Legal Assistance (includes attorney fees, court costs and/or bail bond, with nothing out-of-pocket) is always provided with your policy at no additional cost
  • Towing service (up to $1,000 on a reimbursement basis), to the nearest garage where repairs can be made (available through CHUBB policies)
  • Partial theft and vandalism covered with CHUBB Platinum and HDI Premier policies
  • Liability coverage with both combined single limit for medical and property and split limits for excess death liability. This gives you more flexibility in how you’re able to use your coverage.
  • The option of a fixed deductible

Please note that motorcycles are only covered when being driven on municipal roads, not in off-road situations. Some buy ativan online united states dirt roads are considered municipal roads if they are regularly transited and they lead to a destination. There is no coverage on roads that are impassable.

If you are planning on towing your motorcycle with a vehicle and then riding it, you will need two separate policies. You must purchase a motorcycle policy to cover the motorcycle while it’s being driven. Then the motorcycle must be included as a towed unit on your vehicle policy – failure to include the towed vehicle will render your insurance invalid if you get into an accident. This will cover your motorcycle while it is being towed. The towing disclosure and coverage can be added to any existing vehicle policy by calling the Discover Baja office 800-727-2252.

There is no medical coverage for motorcycle drivers or passengers. We recommend checking your health insurance from the U.S. or Canada to see if you will be covered while riding a motorcycle in Mexico. If not, you may be able to purchase temporary international medical insurance that will cover you.

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Ready to insure your vehicle? You can do any of the following:

-Get your insurance online and print your policy to take with you
-Download and complete our Insurance Application to fax or email back to us
-Call 800-727-2252 and one of our staff members will assist you
-Come into our office in San Diego and we’ll help you out in person