June 2023 Baja Bulletin

Baja Cave Paintings Carbon-Dated to 11,000 Years Old

The cave paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco were originally thought to be about 500 to 1,500 years old. However, new radio carbon dating recently dated the rock art to 11,000 years, about the same time as the end of the first ice age. A team of geologists, archeologists and rock art experts recently concluded a years-long study of the murals and published the findings in “Rock Art Research,” a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to the global study of rock art. Archeologists say the murals were created with paint made from volcanic cinder crushed to a powder, mixed with cactus sap and applied with deerskin pads attached to pitaya stalks. Because the paints were rock-based, they have weathered well and lasted a long time. You can learn more in this KPBS podcast.

Copa Baja California Sportfishing Tournament

The Copa Baja California Soirtfishing tournament is beginning in June, with tournaments around the state of Baja California. The tournaments will take place in San Felipe (June 23-24), Bahía de los Ángeles (July 21-22), Ensenada (August 25-26), and San Quintín (September 22-23). For more information, visit the Copa Baja California website.

Sinkhole in Tijuana

A large sinkhole opened up in Tijuana along Via Rápida Mexico 1 on the way into Playas de Tijuana. This has caused a partial road closure and long lines of traffic. The nearby free road has also been affected by closures and traffic delays. Repairs are expected to take months. There is no fee at the toll booth in Playas de Tijuana until repairs have been completed. We advise avoiding the area if possible and crossing the border at Tecate or Otay Mesa (see our directions to take Boulevard 2000).

Ferry from Santa Rosalia to Guaymas Not Running

The ferry from Santa Rosalía to Guaymas in mainland Mexico is not running and there are currently no plans for service to begin again.

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