Electric Vehicles in Baja

If you have an electric vehicle, there’s no reason you can’t drive it down to Baja. With a number of charging stations along the peninsula, a little bit of planning will help you have a successful Baja road trip in your electric vehicle.

Mexican Auto Insurance for Electric Vehicles

Getting Mexican auto insurance for an electric vehicle is slightly different than for a regular vehicle. If you are insuring a Tesla, you can go online with Discover Baja and get an insurance policy with CHUBB. For electric vehicles other than Teslas, you’ll need to call us at 800-727-2252 and we can get special permission with either CHUBB or HDI. If you have a claim while in Baja, be aware that there are no auto shops in Baja where you can get an electric car repaired. That gives you two options—you can accept the amount of money that the adjuster offers or you can tow your vehicle (insurance will pay up to $1,000 for towing) back to the U.S. for repairs.

You can always give us a call at Discover Baja 800-727-2252 and we can help you out with a quote and some more information.

Charging Stations in Baja

There are numerous charing stations in northern Baja as well as in the Los Cabos area and there are a few station in between along the peninsula so that with enough planning, you can have a successful Baja road trip in an electric vehicle. Here’s a list of Charing Stations by Tesla in Mexico that you can browse by state.

You can also use Plug Share to see a visual map with stations in Baja and use their trip planner tool to help plan out your road trip.

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