May 2021 Baja Bulletin


COVID-19 Updates for Baja California

-The U.S.-Mexico temporary land border restrictions were extended until at least May 21, 2021. U.S. Citizens and Canadian Citizens have been allowed to cross back north into the U.S. and have had no problems crossing south into Mexico from the U.S.

-Mexico has instated a national “stoplight” system which sets the safety levels for the region and is evaluated on a weekly basis. The state of Baja California (norte) is rated “yellow” (level 3). Restaurants and hotels may operate at 75% capacity. Parks, public spaces, and retail stores may operate at 50% capacity.

The state of Baja California Sur is also rated “yellow” (level 3) with businesses operating at 50% capacity. Specific rules vary from municipality to municipality. We recommend that you call ahead to any business that you plan on visiting to find out about current hours and COVID regulations.

-Some of the California/Baja land borders are operating on reduced hours. The following are the current hours for border crossings:
San Ysidro: open 24 hours
(PedWest is closed but PedEast remains open 24 hours)
Otay Mesa: open 24 hours
Tecate: 6am-2pm Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday-Sunday
Calexico West: open 24 hours
Calexico East: open 6am-2pm
Andrade: open 6am-2pm

-For up-to-date information about COVID-19 in the state of Baja California (norte) please visit the Baja California COVID-19 page. For up-to-date information about COVID-19 in Baja Sur, please visit the BCS COVID-19 website.

-For Emergency Assistance for U.S. citizens in Mexico, call 55-8526-2561 from Mexico or 1-844-528-6611 from the United States. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico has put together a COVID-19 webpage or you can follow them on Facebook for updates.

-You can find the latest updates on our Road Conditions Page. Call the DBTC office at 800-727-2252 for more information about U.S. travelers crossing the border.



Taking Preorders for New Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas

Thank you to those of you who have preordered the new Baja Road & Recreation Atlas! There’s been an overwhelming response and we still have atlases available for those who haven’t ordered one yet. We’re expecting to receive our copies this week and will get them sent out by next week. Thank you for your patience as we work as fast as we can to send out all of your orders.

There’s a new Baja Atlas hitting the market and we’re so excited for you to have this invaluable tool for your future Baja explorations! The Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas is a large-format, full-color atlas that covers the entire peninsula with detailed maps and recreation guides that highlight campgrounds, parks, natural wonders, beaches, historical sites, and more. Published by Benchmark Maps and edited by Baja author and aficionado David Kier, this is a must-have for all Baja travelers.  Click here for more information and to preorder your copy today!



New Otay Mesa East Border Crossing Fully Funded in Progress

The new Otay Mesa East border crossing that has been in the works for a number of years is now fully funded and on track to open in 2024. Construction is underway on building Highway 11 that will connect the new crossing to the rest of San Diego’s roadway system, and once this work is complete, they will begin construction on the port of entry sometime next year. The new port of entry and immediate roadway north of the crossing will charge a fee to border crossers, which will be used to pay bonds being used for the construction.



“The Surfer’s Guide to Baja” Back in Stock

After a long hiatus, we have copies of Mike Parise’s The Surfer’s Guide to Baja back in stock! The original and still most detailed guidebook for surfers heading to Mexico’s surf-packed Baja peninsula. This guide features over 120 surf spots, including the legendary points, reefs, beachbreaks and even islands. From Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas and around to the East Cape, with surf maps, surf travel tips, wave height chart, tips on when to surf where, accommodations and more. There is no better guide for surfers heading to Baja. Buy yours now!



Baja California Tourism Rebrands

The tourism department for the state of Baja California (norte) has launched a new name, logo, and website as they prepare for tourism to return fully to the region. The state decided to rebrand from “Baja Norte” back to the historic “Baja California” name. The new branding incorporates five icons depicting natural elements that can be found throughout the region: ocean, valley, woods, desert and sea. Along with the rebranding is a new video campaign highlighting the beauty of Baja and all of the experiences that the region has to offer. The video campaign can be seen here and more information can be found on the new Baja California website.


Cartel Violence around Mexicali Valley

There has been some violence in Mexicali Valley between rival cartel factions. The Mexicali Valley is the area East of Highway 5, south of Highway Mexico 2/2D, west of the Baja California/Sonora border, and north of the gulf of the Sea of Cortez. The violence is not affecting Highway Mexico 5 or Mexico 2/2D, the city of Mexicali, the town of Sen Felipe or other tourist areas. Please remember to only travel during daylight hours and to monitor local news for updates.


Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s New “Blue Miracle” Movie Based on True Cabo Story

A new movie coming to Netflix tells the true story of a Cabo orphanage that was ravaged and cash-strapped after Hurricane Odile. Boys and their caretake from the orphanage partner with a washed-up boat captian (played by Dennis Quaid) to enter the Bisbee’s Black & Blue fishing tournament to try to save the orphanage. The movie will premier on Netflix on May 27th. You can watch the trailer here.










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