Planning Your Next Baja Adventure

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your upcoming Baja travels, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas and a treasure trove of information on the Discover Baja blog. Here are some of our favorite links to articles grouped by interest:


3-Day Getaways

If you’re looking for an awesome quick getaway, we’ve got detailed itineraries for some of the peninsula’s best destinations that can be explored in a long weekend. Read more.



Graham Mackintosh Adventures

From his latest kayaking adventures in the Sea of Cortez to exploring the mountains of the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, we’ve got all of the latest explorations of beloved Baja author Graham Mackintosh. Read more.



Peninsula Picks

Looking for our top Baja picks? We’ve brought you some of our favorites from the best beaches, road trips, motels, glamping, breweries, wineries, and more! Read more.




If you can’t wait to get some outdoor time right now, Baja has plenty of great options for hiking and exploring. From the Sierra de la Laguna, the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir and the Loreto area, we’ve got some great hikes and tales of outdoor adventures for you. Read more.



Carla King Motorcycling

Adventure motorcyclists will love our collection of stories from Carla King who gives practical advice and recommendations, as well as stories of rides all along the peninsula. Read more.




From the farm-to-table campestre restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe to the taco stands all along the peninsula, if there’s one thing we all miss about Baja right now, it’s the food. Dream (and maybe salivate) about your next Baja meal with our collection of write ups about the delicious food along the peninsula. Read more.




Whether it’s the latest fishing report or his tips on catching the big one, “That Baja Guy” Gary Graham always has you covered with the best on fishing on the peninsula. Read more.



Spanish Missions

If you’re interested in the culture and history of the peninsula, it’s hard to ignore the storied history of the Spanish missionaries. We’ve got plenty of information, as well as the detailed history of each mission from expert David Kier on each of the 27 Spanish missions on the Baja peninsula. Read more.



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