July 2019 Baja Bulletin

Immigration Checkpoints

The Mexican government and specifically the immigration branch, INM, will begin staging immigration checkpoints throughout the country and along the Baja peninsula. Please make sure to have a valid FMM when traveling in Baja. If caught traveling without an FMM, you will be sent back to the border. DBTC members can get a prepaid FMM through Discover Baja. As a reminder, please always allow at least two weeks for processing time. For more information, read our FMM FAQ page.


Rerouted Highway I-5 Southbound San Ysidro El Chaparral Entrance

The southbound I-5 freeway has been realigned to a newly-constructed roadway to access the San Ysidro El Chaparral border crossing heading into Mexico. The U.S. has constructed inspection booths (on the U.S. side) that are being operated sporadically. To avoid any delays, we recommend that travelers use the Otay Mesa or Tecate border crossings.


Conservation Passport

Discover Baja Now Processing Annual Conservation Passports for Biospheres

The Mexican Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP) governs the protected biospheres of Mexico and requires visitors who are in these areas for any recreational activities to purchase either a Biosphere Bracelet that is good for one day’s use, or an annual Conservation Passport, valid for one year. Discover Baja can now process the annual Conservation Passports for DBTC members. Learn more.


valle de guadalupe paella fest

Vendimia Tickets for Sale!

Discover Baja is selling tickets for two of the most popular events of Valle de Guadalupe’s Fiestas de la Vendimia wine harvest festival—the Muestra del Vino and the Concurso de Paellas. Click on each individual link for more information and an application for tickets or read more about the 2019 Fiesta de la Vendimia.


Protesting at Tollbooths in Northern Baja

There has been protesting taking place at the three toll booths along the Mexico 1 tollroad from Tijuana to Ensenada. The protests originally began years ago over the fact that residents of Playas de Tijuana have no way to access the municipality of Tijuana without paying a toll. The protests have recently morphed into protesting over the fact that the toll was initially collected to help pay for the construction of the road, but the road has been paid for in full for years and a toll is still being collected. There are various groups and individuals (all unofficial) who are currently protesting at the toll booth. Travelers do not need to pay an official toll at this time and you should not feel obligated to donate to the protestors either. A smile and a wave will suffice. The issue is expected to resolve in four months when a new government takes office.


Extension on Expired SENTRI Cards

The CBP continues to be backlogged on SENTRI renewals. Many card holders that have already applied for renewal will now find that they will receive an extension to use their card up to a year (formerly six months) past their expiration date. The extra six-month extension is not necessarily applied to all SENTRI holders. Members will need to log into the SENTRI website once they are six months past their original card expiration date. If there’s still a green approved box on your account (as in the photo), then your SENTRI card is valid for the additional six months. In order for any extension on your SENTRI card to be valid, you must submit your application for renewal before your card expires. You may apply for SENTRI renewal anytime within the 12 months before your card expires.


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