October 2023 Baja Bulletin

Forms-Only FMMs from Discover Baja

Discover Baja is still not able to fully process prepaid FMMs because the Mexican government website is still not working to accept payment. However, we are able to complete the FMM form part of the process (without making the payment) for a fee of $10. Members would still need to stop at the border to make the payment for the FMM and to get it stamped for entry, BUT it would be filled out with all your information saving time and worry. Please call us at 800-727-2252 for more information.

Registration for Towed Units

A reminder that you must carry current registration for all towed units. If you do not yet have your registration for a vehicle, you must carry the temporary registration—a bill of sale is not sufficient. Discover Baja can still issue boat liability while in the water and insurance up to $40,000 for ATVs and UTVs while driving.

Loreto’s First Film Festival

Loreto will be hosting its first film festival in 2024. The event will take place Feb. 22-24 and will feature Mexican short films and international short films. For more information, please visit the Festival Internacional de Cine Loreto website.

Baja 1000 Off-Road Race

The 2023 SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race will take place from Nov. 13-18. This is a very busy time on the peninsula and if you are traveling during these dates, be sure to make hotel reservations in advance. The course is one-way this year, beginning in Las Paz and ending in Ensenada. You can visit the course map for more information on the route.

PedWest Border Crossing Temporarily Closed

The PedWest pedestrian border in Tijuana is temporarily closed for regular crossing so that CBP agents may better process migrants (mostly asylum seekers), who are being held in a makeshift camp near the border. There is currently no word on when the port of entry will reopen for regular border crossings. The PedEast crossing is still open for pedestrians crossing at San Ysidro.

Friends of Bill W.

If you are in Baja California Sur and looking for an English-speaking AA meeting, you can find a current list at the link here.

Mexicali Scam

Please be aware that there is a scam going on in Mexicali where another vehicle may hit your car and the driver of the offending vehicle will try to demand money from you. Sometimes the local police are involved in also trying to extort the victims for money. Please remember that it is illegal to bribe a police officer. The best thing to do is to call the number on your insurance policy and an adjuster will come to the scene of the accident. You can also call the toll-free Baja California Tourism assistance hotline 078 where they have bilingual operators who can help you.

Dogs in Crates

A reminder that Mexico technically requires your dogs to be a in crate while riding in the car. Police or Mexican border agents may issue tickets and fines if they pull you over and see that you have dogs in your vehicle who are not in crates.

Corazón de Vida San Diego Gala

Corazón de Vida will host their Hollywood’s Golden Age gala in San Diego on Saturday, November 11 at the US Grant hotel. The evening will support orphaned children in Baja. More information about the event can be found online and more information about Corazón de Vida and their mission can be found on their website.

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