Peninsula Picks: Baja Sur Beach Destinations

With cold temperatures up north, it’s the time to head south to warmer weather and sunny beaches. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite beach destinations in Baja Sur so you can start day dreaming about your next visit!


Bahía Concepción

Why We Love It: Calm turquoise waters and white sand beaches await you at this large Sea of Cortez bay that’s comprised of lots of beaches and inlets. Check out the Bahía Concepción guide by Carla King to help you plan your visit.

What To Do: There’s no shortage of outdoor activities set against a beautiful backdrop. The focus here is the bay and all of the activities that are centered around it—kayaking, boating, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

The Best Beaches: While Santispac is gorgeous, it’s also extremely popular and draws big crowds. Playa El Burro and Playa Coyote and Burro have the most activities. The beaches farther south like Requesón will provide you with more serenity and solitude. Be ready to pay a day or overnight fee for whichever beach you choose to visit.

DBTC Insider Tip: Accommodations throughout the bay are mostly camping (RV or tent), although there are a few private house rental options. Another choice is to stay about 30 minutes north of the bay at a hotel in Mulegé.

La Paz

Why We Love It: Even though it’s the capital of Baja Sur, La Paz retains an authentic small town feel. There’s plenty to do here and you’ll find all the services that you could need.

What To Do: There’ no shortage of beautiful beaches, island excursions, or other outdoor activities (we recommend a boat trip out to Isla Espiritu Santo or a whale shark excursion). La Paz also has a great cultural scene such as the whale museum and the new Baja California Sur art museum.

The Best Beaches: Balandra takes all of the glory when it comes ot La Paz beaches, but there are a number of other great options. Near Balandra is Playa Tecolote that has a beautiful white sand beach as well as beachfront restaurants and other services. Or try Playa el Coromuel, which is a beautiful beach a bit closer to town and is the choice for locals and tourists in the know.

DBTC Insider Tip: While downtown La Paz is situated right on the malecón, you’ll need to head just north out of town to get to the best beaches in La Paz.

Todos Santos

Why We Love It: This charming colonial town has a vibrant art scene as well as great food. Boutique hotels, small shops, and art galleries make this one of the best Baja towns for strolling around and enjoying a special getaway.

What To Do: There are a number of fun festivals that Todos Santos hosts throughout the year from film and music, to food and wine. Surfers will love the numerous breaks in the area.

The Best Beaches: While many of the beaches in Todos Santos are great for beautiful walks or for surfing, they aren’t swimmable because of strong currents. For swimming, try Playa Las Palmas or head south to Pescadero to Playa Los Cerritos.

DBTC Insider Tip: While the town of Todos Santos itself isn’t directly on the beach, there are a handful of gorgeous spots to stay on the beach just outside of the center of town. We love Villa Santa Cruz for a truly special experience.

East Cape

Why We Love It: The East Cape is full of incredible destinations for beachgoers, fishermen, windsurfers, kite boarders, and outdoor enthusiasts.

What To Do: Los Barriles is the biggest town on the East Cape and many visitors choose to stay here with access to plenty of services or stay just south in Buena Vista. You can take a day trip just inland to Santiago where waterfalls and hot springs await you.

The Best Beaches: There’s no shortage of gorgeous beaches along the East Cape. Almost anywhere along the coast will provide you with access to white sand beaches and the Sea of Cortez.

DBTC Insider Tip: If you’re looking for a unique stay, head farther south along the East Cape for a stay at Villa del Faro. Divers and snorkelers will want to head to Cabo Pulmo for exploring the aquarium that is the Sea of Cortez.

Los Cabos

Why We Love It: While it’s become super commercialized in recent years, there’s no denying the beauty of the beaches and natural surroundings that have made Los Cabos one of North America’s top destinations.

What To Do: There are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy in Los Cabos like hiking, golfing, fishing, surfing, and other watersports. Take a boat out to see one of Mexico’s most famous landmarks—El Arco. For foodies, there are great new restaurants in the region like Carbón Cabrón or the farm-to-table options out in Las Animas Bajas past San Jose del Cabo

The Best Beaches: There’s no shortage of beaches in Los Cabos, but beware that many are not swimmable because of strong currents. While many of the most popular beaches will have lots of people and commotion, there are plenty of beaches that are lesser known to tourists where you’ll have a great experience without the crowds. Try Playa Las Viudas along the Corridor or Playa Empacadora in Cabo San Lucas.

DBTC Insider Tip: We recommend staying in San Jose del Cabo for a more authentic experience. Stay at a smaller hotel right in the historic center where you’ll be surrounded by colonial architecture, the beautiful town plaza, and great restaurants and art galleries. The beaches are just a short ways away.

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