February 2023 Baja Bulletin

Prepaid FMMs Now Available

Discover Baja is now able to issue prepaid FMM tourist permits again. The price has increased to US $50 per person. Please allow at least two weeks for processing. You can find out more information and fill out an application on our FMM page.

Passport Book Now Required For Boat Captains

While passengers on a boat can use a passport card (or book) to travel to Mexico and obtain a nautical FMM, the captain of the boat must now have a passport BOOK (a passport card will not suffice), in order to obtain a nautical FMM. For more information, please visit our nautical FMM page.

Strict Anti-Smoking Laws Take Effect

In January the entire country of Mexico adapted a new ban on smoking in all public places. The law also prohibits retailers from displaying cigarettes.

Orchid House Boutique Hotel Opens in La Paz

A new Orchid House hotel has opened up in the former governor’s mansion in La Paz. The exclusive boutique hotel features eight suites located inside the oceanfront villa. Rates start at $450 a night. To book or for more information, visit the Orchid House website.

Mexico Lectures

Professor Frank Newton gives entertaining talks about Mexico at the Oasis Learning Center in Grossmont Center, La Mesa (in San Diego) that can also be watched online via Zoom. He has a lecture coming up on April 19th about Latin American independence from Spain. In May he will give two lectures on Mexican history, from Montezuma to Pancho Villa, and up to the present. You can register for the lecture by visiting the Oasis website or you can contact Dr. Newton directly at franktalk4history@gmail.com

La Lobera” Film

A new short documentary by Claudio Escobar features the natural beauty of La Lobera. The film takes you between desert canyons with incredible vistas to the coast of the Pacific ocean where the heavy surf has dug a crater in the rocky cliffs that serves as refuge to seals. The film has won numerous awards and can be viewed on YouTube. For more information about the harbor seal haulout, read our article on La Lobera.

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