New Fast Track to Permanently Import a Vehicle into Mexico

In January 2022, Mexican President AMLO made an official decree to make the process to permanently import, or nationalize, a vehicle into Mexico much easier in some states. Legal residents in Baja California and Baja California Sur can now import a vehicle if they meet the requirements below.

The cost to import a vehicle is $2,500 pesos regardless of the value of the vehicle. Applicants will not need to use a customs broker. Only one vehicle per person may be imported under this decree.


-The vehicle must have been manufactured or assembled in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada (the VIN must begin with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)

-The vehicle must be at least 5 years old the year prior to applying for permanent importation

-You cannot permanently import a luxury vehicle, sports car, armored vehicle, or a vehicle that transports more than 10 people

-The vehicle must be in good condition mechanically

-The vehicle must have been brought into Mexico prior to October 19, 2021

-The vehicle must be able to be legally driven on the road in Mexico and in the country of origin


1. Make an appointment through the form at the following link:

In order to make the appointment you will need your CURP (Mexican national ID number), VIN, phone number, zip code, and email address.

If you aren’t able to make an appointment online, you can also go in person to the place in your jurisdiction where you would normally register a vehicle.

2. Pay the $2,500 fee to SAT (instructions on how to do that here)

3. At the appointment, you’ll need to bring the following:

            -The vehicle to be inspected

            -Vehicle title


            -Proof of address not older than 3 months

            -CFE electric bill

            -The completed and signed manifesto

            -Proof that you paid the $2,500 to SAT

Watch this super informative video for more information:

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