Hiking During COVID

Photo by Bill Phelps

By Dave Kelly

Over the past year and a half or so, we’ve all had to change our lives and restrict many of our favorite activities. What we soon realized is that being outdoors can be healthy, uncrowded, and fun. But as more and more of us came to this realization, hiking and biking areas across the U.S. and Canada started experiencing record numbers of people seeking outdoor activities. Luckily here in Baja, the hiking and biking areas are more remote and adventurous, with few crowded trail heads. The desert offers the peace, quiet, and beauty that allows us to forget the problems of the world.

Experienced hikers can venture into any canyon or arroyo and find incredible views, fascinating plants, wildlife, rocks and minerals. As you wander through this magnificent landscape, be respectful, keep your group size small, keep pets on a leash, don’t wander through locked gates or private property.

Less experienced hikers should get detailed information from locals, local guidebooks, or better yet, hire a local guide. A local guide will bring you to places you will otherwise have difficulty finding, if you find them at all. The guide will also be a wealth of information, and will keep you safe and from getting lost.

There is hiking information at: Peninsula Picks: Hiking in Baja – Discover Baja Travel Club

For the Loreto Area, the new 2022 Hiking Loreto guidebook is available for purchase at the Caballo Blanco Bookstore in Loreto or on line at HikingLoreto.com

For hikes in the Mulegé area, check out  heymulege.com

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