Culinary Corner March 2021

Photo courtesy Animalón by the Sea

Animalón by the Sea

The latest restaurant endeavor from Chef Javier Plascencia is an exclusive and unique maritime experience in Cabo. Guests will enjoy the culinary delights of Chef Plascencia while cruising on one of the most exclusive boats in Los Cabos. Enjoy sunset views right in front of El Arco as you enjoy your meal from one of Baja Califorina’s top chefs. For reservations and more information, visit the Animalón by the Sea facebook page.


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Photo courtesy La Kombucheria Vegana

La Kombucheria Vegana

There’s a new restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe’s Rancho Delicioso featuring vegan food and kombucha on tap from Big Mountain Kombucha. The menu features small bites that contain fermented ingredients such as sauerkraut quesadillas or scoby ceviche served on a tostada. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5pm. For more information, the current menu, and to make a reservation, check out the Big Mountain Kombucha website.


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The Birria Boom

The New York Times recently delved into the recent craze of one of Mexico’s traditional dishes—birria. The savory and seasoned meat (generally cooked for hours in its own juices) has been popping up on menus around the world in different forms. You don’t have to go far to try the dish in one of its more traditional forms. Try a quesabirria taco can you buy ambien online (pictured above) from one of Tijuana’s many famed taco stands or visit a local Baja birrieria for a bowl of the savory dish. You can learn a little more about the history and the way the dish is being emulated in dishes worldwide in the New York Times article here.


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Photo courtesy La Cocina Kumiai de Tabita

La Cocina Kumiai de Tabita

If you’re looking for a truly local and authentic dining experience in Northern Baja, it’s time to try the native food of the Kumiai. La Cocina Kumiaia de Tabita restaurant serves up authentic food in the traditional Kumeyaay and vaquero styles on the weekends in San Antonio Necua, the Kumiai community on the eastern side of the Valle de Guadalupe. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-4pm. See their Facebook page for more information.


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Ensenada Beer Fest

The Ensenada Beer Fest, which historically has taken place in March each year, has been postponed until September 2021. You can get your tickets now for the massive craft beer festival (now in its tenth year!) which showcases 120 breweries and hundreds of craft beers from all over Northern Baja each year. The beer fest takes place over two days at the Rivera Cultural Center in Ensenada. You can purchase you tickets now and get more information on the Ensenada Beer Fest website.




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