Culinary Corner January 2021

Photo courtesy of Hulu

Tijuana Featured on Episode of “Eater’s Guide to the World”

“Eater’s Guide to the World” is a new show on Hulu narrated by Maya Rudolph that explores some of the world’s most surprising culinary destinations. Episode 7 is all about Tijuana and the city’s epic food scene that ranges from street tacos, to craft beer, and the original Caesar salad.


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Photo courtesy of Masienda

Masa Shapes Series

The experts in all things Mexican heirloom corn over at Masienda have launched a new series on their blog called “Masa Shapes” in which they share a little bit of history and the recipes for masa-based dishes. Check out their Champurrado recipe or their most recent post on Pozole—both perfect recipes for the cold days of winter.


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Photo courtesy of Jazamango Café

Jazamango Café in Todos Santos

With a new location in the downtown historic district of Todos Santos, Javier Plascencia’s Jazamango Café is now open and serving coffee, baked goods, deli food, beer, & wine. There’s a lovely patio for seating. Open 8am-6pm every day except Tuesday. The sister restaurant, Jazamango, serves a full menu in an outdoor setting in the Las Huertas area of Todos Santos.


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Photo courtesy Mexico Cooks!

Rosca de Reyes

January 6th is Día de los Reyes Magos (Three Kings’ Day or the Epiphany) and around Mexico, you’ll see the typical rosca de reyes being sold in bakeries. The wreath-shaped sweet bread is covered with dried fruit and sugar and famously contains a small plastic figurine of baby Jesus (called a “monito”). Whoever receives the piece of rosca with the baby Jesus figurine is responsible for buying or cooking tamales for everyone on February 2, Día de Candelaría. Learn more about the history of the dish on Mexico Cooks or get a recipe to bake your own rosca from Mexico in my Kitchen.



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