The Mission Walker: Trekking El Camino Real

When she was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, Edie Littlefield Sundby was given three months to live. In response, she beat the cancer and decided to walk the 800-mile Alta California Mission trail from San Diego to Sonoma. When the cancer returned, she beat it again and then decided to walk the other 800 miles of El Camino Real in Baja California, from Loreto to San Diego. No one had traversed the Baja mission trail in 250 years. Edie captures her courageous journey as she battles cancer and treks the entire Camino Real in her book, The Mission Walker.

The journey itself is incredible. The fact that Edie did it after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, surviving 79 rounds of chemotherapy, having four surgeries, and with only one lung is almost inconceivable. Her courage and faith throughout the journey remind us of the strength and determination of the human spirit.

Needless to say, the story is inspiring in more ways than one.

The book is a page-turner with a captivating plot and alluring storytelling. Edie’s articulate and motivational writing will touch anyone who has dealt with terminal disease, enjoys Baja and adventure, needs motivation, or just loves life.

As Edie says, “This story is not about avoiding death. It’s about living life.”

The Mission Walker is now available through Discover Baja.


See below for a special slideshow of Edie’s journey through Baja on El Camino Real!


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One thought on “The Mission Walker: Trekking El Camino Real

  1. mikel miller says:

    TY for posting. Great slideshow, great book, great author. I lived on Baja peninsula for four years and visited some of the missions, although I never tried to follow the rugged trail.

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