November 2017 Baja Bulletin

The 50th Baja 1000: Nov 14-18

A reminder that the 50th annual SCORE International Baja 1000 off-road race will take place November 14-18, 2017. The race will begin in Ensenada and end in La Paz this year. This is a busy time to be traveling in the region, so we advise that you secure hotel accommodations asap if you need to be traveling in affected areas. For more information and a course map, please see:



Join Baja Custom Tours for a 2018 Gray Whale Trip

Come join famous Baja author Graham Mackintosh on this Baja Custom Tours special trip to see whales, the Sea of Cortez, and the mountains of the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir. Share close encounters with the Gray Whales in Scammon’s Lagoon, stories and locations in Graham’s Baja books, and a great time with friends in this all-inclusive 8 day/7 night tour. February 22nd – March 1st, 2018 or March 22nd – March 29th, 2018. $1,695 per person, double occupancy. Call the Discover Baja office at 619-275-4225 to book or learn more.


Trying to Save the Vaquita from Extinction

An operation called Vaquita CPR launched in mid-October as a desperate attempt to try to save the vaquita porpoise from going extinct. Vaquita CPR,  led by Mexico’s Environmental Ministry in coordination with San Diego-based National Marine Mammal Foundation and other organizations, biologists, and veterinarians, planned to capture and breed the remaining vaquita, before releasing them back into the wild. Unfortunately the first few attempts at capturing vaquitas proved to be stressful for the animals, resulting in one vaquita dying. The Vaquita CPR operation will end this Friday. Efforts to track the animals through underwater acoustic devices will continue, as well as programs to remove derelict nets that ensnare the vaquitas and cause them to drown. There are estimated to be fewer than 30 vaquitas still alive.


Traveling with your Pet in Baja

A reminder that all cats and dogs flying into Mexico require a completed health certificate from a U.S. veterinarian, proof of parasite treatment from a U.S. veterinarian, and vaccination records (dogs only) before they will be released to leave the airport. If you are driving across the border, the requirements are not as strictly enforced and generally just proof of vaccinations will suffice. For more information, see our page on traveling with pets in Baja as well as our list of pet-friendly hotels on the peninsula!


Uber La Paz

Uber started operating in La Paz this past Monday, November 6th. La Paz is the first city in Baja California Sur to have the ride-sharing service. With Uber, a trip from the malecón (downtown) to the airport is about 90 pesos, while a taxi charges about 300 pesos for the same trip.


Earthquake Emergency Fund

Binational Emergency is collecting supplies and money donations to help the victims of the earthquake in Mexico City. Donations will be accepted until January 2018.

The following supply donations can be brought to the Discover Baja offices (we will deliver them to Binational):

-first aid supplies
-non-perishable dry food items
-NEW clothing

Money donations can be sent to:

BEMCC Earthquake Relief Fund
642 Third Ave. Suite I
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Money donations will be used to purchase blankets and medical supplies



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