Baja Moon Handbook, 10th Edition

Kramers LA Bay

With my parents, Hugh and Carol, in Bahía de los Angeles 1984.

Dear Discover Baja members,

You may not know me personally, but for the past four years I’ve had the privilege of writing the Discover Baja newsletter that goes out to you every month. I’ve also recently had the privilege of writing the newest edition of the Baja Moon Handbook that was published this week. As the daughter of Carol and Hugh, I’ve been traveling to Baja since I was six months old. I grew up in the family business here at Discover Baja from the time I was eight years old—sending out membership renewal mailings, helping out at DBTC events, and, of course, traveling all over Baja with my parents. Those of you who are long-time members may remember my “Jenny’s Jaunts” column from the DBTC newsletter more than twenty years ago, where I chronicled the peninsula from a kid’s perspective.

Because I grew up traveling the peninsula extensively with my family, I also grew up revering the Baja Moon Handbook as the Bible for Baja travel. At the time, Joe Cummings was the author, and he was a friend of my parents. Today I feel honored to be following in his footsteps and taking over the responsibility of bringing you the best of the peninsula in a guidebook.

In the age of the internet, there’s no hiding behind the fact that print is an antiquated medium. Establishments on the Baja peninsula open and close on a frequent basis and information changes at a rapid rate that traditional publishing cannot pretend to keep pace with. However, in the middle of the peninsula where reliable cell phone service and internet access are an exception and not the rule, printed guidebooks are still a vital necessity. I hope that this book gives you useful information to use on your journey, and, more importantly, I hope it inspires you to get out and explore more of Baja. I grew up traveling and loving the peninsula and wanted to share that enthusiasm with everyone by presenting some of Baja’s best treasures in this book. As this book is an on-going project with updated editions that I’ll be working on in the future, I welcome your feedback and suggestions for subsequent editions.

Baja Moon HandbookMy promise to you with the Baja Moon Handbook is to bring you the most up-to-date information possible with the best places and hidden gems along the peninsula; to enhance your travel experience and bring you closer to Baja’s beautiful culture and people; to tear down walls, prejudices, and discrimination. The more we travel, the more we open our eyes to the outside world and to humanity in general. I encourage you to get out and explore.

My deepest gratitude to my husband for all of his support and patience, and to my parents for instilling in me a love of travel and the Baja peninsula.

Happy travels,
Jennifer Kramer


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One thought on “Baja Moon Handbook, 10th Edition

  1. Gwen says:

    So close but so far away. One day I do hope to sort through the paperwork
    and make it down to Baja. I’m so glad I came across Discover Baja. I look forward
    to reading more from you.
    Thank You

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