Rancho Mil

rio hardy rancho milSoutheast of Mexicali winds the Río Hardy, a 26-kilometer river that brings life to the desert and mountain landscape of this Baja region that many travelers are uninitiated with. This is an area where life is serene and unassuming. Where travelers kayak along the river during the day and watch the sky blanketed by stars at night.

The Río Hardy is believed to be an old channel of the Colorado River, and is formed from residual agricultural waters from the Mexicali valley. Before eventually leading out to the Sea of Cortez, the river flows into the Colorado River Delta, which has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The region is full of wildlife and is an annual stop for migrating birds. Life centers on the river here, where visitors enjoy activities like kayaking, jet skiing, boating, or just relaxing.

Along the shores of the Río Hardy, is Rancho Mil. Don Thousand “Sr. Mil” (Mil means thousand in Spanish) first came to the Río Hardy campo here in 1977 and rented for a number of years before getting the opportunity to purchase the entire property. He named it Rancho Mil.

Life is tranquilo at Rancho Mil. The Río Hardy serenely flows before you, the Sierra El Mayor mountains stand behind you, and thousands of acres of open desert surround you. Rancho Mil has riverfront cabins available for rent as well as camping and RV spots. The campground area is equipped with a cooking area, showers, and toilets. For those who want to spend more time in the area, cabins and lots are available for sale.

While Rancho Mil is a perfect place for just relaxing, there’s no shortage of activities for those who want to get out. For those interested in getting out on the river, kayaks are available to rent. There are plenty of trails in the surrounding area for hiking or riding ATVs.

rio hardy rancho milLocated just 58 kilometers south of Mexicali just off of highway Mexico 5, Rancho Mil is just an hour from the U.S. border and makes for an easy Baja getaway.


Rancho Mil
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