Baja California Land of Missions

Baja California Land of Missions David KierWe’re pleased to announce the release of “Baja California Land of Missions,” a new book written by David Kier about the Spanish missions on the Baja peninsula.

This 243-page work is a detailed history of the activities begun by the Spanish Empire, commissioning several orders of Catholic priests, and others, in an attempt to colonize the peninsula of California between 1535 and 1855. All twenty-seven missions are detailed as well as the satellite visita outposts and the more obscure, little-known, associated sites. The padres who served at each mission are listed along with the years they served. The El Camino Real mission road is discussed. Why the missions failed and what happened since they closed is also told. GPS waypoints for each mission and additional places of historic interest are provided. The mythical lost missions are detailed as well. Over 125 photographs, drawings and maps will visually take the reader to the missions as they were, and as they are now. A reference list of books plus detailed index will assist in further mission study or research.

History buffs, Baja lovers, and road trippers do not want to travel the Baja peninsula without this book! See below for reviews as well as a sneak-peek at one of the chapters. Buy your copy now!



“As a writer and a 20 year full time resident of Baja California Sur I’ve had a chance to become acquainted with the author and his life-long love affair with the peninsula and its missions. It was that unflagging love of adventure and travel that caused him to amass an amazing library of current and historical documents about the peninsula and the missions which he shares with uncountable numbers of Bajaphiles through affinity forums and social media groups.

“Baja California Land of Missions is a unique and handy summary of existing data about a place and time which defies examination and description; some of the planet’s harshest landscapes where alone a few hardy souls dared to challenge and rare crumbling 300 hundred year old manuscripts which tell a garbled tale of daunting travel in the new world.

“The book chronicles the missions on the peninsula. Readers will learn more about the missionaries, the storied Camino Real, the process, the setbacks, the suffering and those who plan to travel the mission chain will feel the centuries slipping away with the guide book in hand. It will surely become the Vade Mecum of this historical and archaeological museum; the 800 miles of stunning cathedrals and relic ruin foundations that lured Mr. Kier and so many others to take the path rarely chosen.

“David’s friends and followers will buy two copies: one for the car, jeep, backpack, saddlebag and another for their home library where it will be safe, protected and cherished so it can become the perfect gift one day for their kids and grandkids – history books are rarely complete as new findings become available but this book is truly an heirloom edition because so little evidence remains to be uncovered. The book may hold its historical certitude and relevance for many decades to come. Don’t miss this one.”

George Bergin, Respected Baja California Commentator ‘Osprey’ at

“I have written two books and numerous articles about Baja and wish this book was available when I was doing my research. Inveterate Baja buff David Kier has created the consummate guide to the historic missions of Baja California. He explains and/or dispels long-established rumors and guesswork about the missions and the dedicated padres who established them. The fine color maps and photos help make this book an easy to digest reference guide.”

* Greg Niemann, Author: Baja Legends; Baja Fever; and more

“With his great passion for Baja California history, especially its mission history, author David Kier is well qualified to write a concise yet comprehensive guide to the missions founded on the peninsula by the Jesuit, Franciscan, and Dominican Orders. This handsome and handy volume represents a fine attempt to achieve that goal, provoke discussion, and place the Baja missions in a broader historical and geographical context.”

* Graham Mackintosh, Author: Into a Desert Place; Journey with a Baja Burro; Nearer My Dog to Thee; Marooned with very little Beer


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