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Ask a Local: Loreto

Ask a Local Loreto Baja

OUR LOCAL: Wendy Wilson  TOWN: Loreto  HOW LONG:  16 years  OCCUPATION: Former DBTC Office Manager   What are some of the best activities to enjoy in Loreto? Fishing, kayaking, snorkeling What’s the best street food? El Rey del Taco has the best fish tacos. There are also night-time hot dog stands that are great! And your favorite… Read more »

Buen Provecho: Caesar’s

Caesar Salad - Caesar's Restaurant TJ Tijuana Baja Mexico

By Jennifer Kramer Among the things that Tijuana has been known for through the ages (zonkeys, plaster surf monkey souvenirs, tequila shots), perhaps the most respectable contribution to modern culture is the Caesar salad. The salad is usually accredited to Caesar Cardini, the original owner of Caesar’s Restaurante in Tijuana. Cardini was an Italian… Read more »

NEW SENTRI Entrance Directions

***For more Baja driving directions, please see*** The entrance for the SENTRI Lane at San Ysidro changed at the beginning of March 2014. There are a few different ways to access the new lane entrance. See below for options: OPTION 1 If you aren’t familiar with the old SENTRI entrance, or you’ve been looking for a… Read more »

Temporary and Permanent Resident Visas

resident visa mexico baja

            In November 2012, new immigration laws took effect that changed the names and processes for Mexican resident visas. The terms FM2 and FM3 have been replaced with the terms Residente Temporal (temporary resident) and Residente Permanente (permanent resident). For new visas, the process must be started in the U.S. at… Read more »