Ask a Local: Loreto

Ask a Local: Loreto -

OUR LOCAL: Wendy Wilson  TOWN: Loreto  HOW LONG:  16 years  OCCUPATION: Former DBTC Office Manager


What are some of the best activities to enjoy in Loreto? Fishing, kayaking, snorkeling

What’s the best street food? El Rey del Taco has the best fish tacos. There are also night-time hot dog stands that are great!

And your favorite sit-down restaurant? Orlando’s, Sabor and Café Olé for Mexican food. Mita Gourmet is wonderful for Italian. Domingo’s is a good steak house.

What are some of the best hotels in the area? Mision Hotel on the malecón, Coco Cabañas, Desert Inn, Loreto Bay Inn in Napoló.

What are the best beaches to visit? There are beautiful white sandy beaches on Coronado Island. A good snorkeling beach is at the Loreto Bay Inn Hotel in Napoló.

Any popular nightlife or entertainment? There’s a gringo hang-out bar, Augie’s, on the malecón.

Any good shopping? Conchita’s Curios for furniture, textiles and Mexican Talavera dishes. Gecko’s Curios has the best selection of the finest crafts from Mexico. Tony’s Silver has Talavera pottery, Huichol beadwork, metal art pieces and silver jewelry.

Are there any internet cafes or wifi spots in town? Most of the outside cafes have wifi

What’s the best time of year to visit? April, May and October for the best weather. The summer is good for fishing.

Annual events that are worth making a trip to Loreto? The Anniversary of the Mission of Loreto is on October 25th and there are lots of fiestas around town. If you’re a fisherman, there are fishing tournaments in June and July.

Things people shouldn’t visit Loreto without seeing or doing? The Loreto Mission and museum as well as the San Javier Mission. Don’t miss taking a panga ride to Coronado Island.



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