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San Ysidro Fast Pass Lane

Fast Pass Fast Trak Lane Border Crossing Tijuana TJ Baja

If you’re looking for a faster way to get across the border, one option is to get a pass to use the Fast Pass Lane in San Ysidro. The Fast Pass (also called the Fast Lane or Fast Track) is a special lane for tourists crossing at the San Ysidro border crossing who have received… Read more »

DBTC Staff Peninsula Picks: Baja Holidays

The official holiday season has ended but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Here at Discover Baja we look for excuses to celebrate all year long. Below are some of our favorite times throughout the year we look forward to spending in Baja.

Resources for Baja California Mission History

By David Kier Co-author of ‘The Old Missions of Baja & Alta California, 1697-1834’    Collecting books on Baja California has been a lifelong hobby. Somehow, it seemed natural to learn about the history of ‘Old California’ (Baja California). Seeing the historic sites inspired me to learn more and write about them, hopefully to increase… Read more »

Directions to the San Ysidro Border Crossing

***For more Baja driving directions, please see*** We know that trying to find your way to the San Ysidro border in Tijuana to return to the U.S. is challenging for even the most experienced Baja veterans. We’ve put together directions that show you step-by-step how to reach the border via the newly reopened Via Internacional…. Read more »

South Dakota License Plates

The following is the procedure to follow to obtain a South Dakota Title and License Plate. By doing this procedure you no longer need to pay California state registration or have your vehicle smogged every two years. -Visit this web site -Print out and complete form  Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration (Form… Read more »

Día de los Reyes

By January, Christmas is long gone in the U.S., but in Mexico, Christmas isn’t over until January 6th on Día de los Reyes, or Three Kings Day. While most parts of Baja celebrate gift giving on Christmas day, mainland Mexico has remained more traditional and Dia de Reyes is the day of Christmas gift giving…. Read more »