New Process for Sportfishing and Nautical FMMs

Nautical and Sportfishing FMM for Mexico -

UPDATE: Discover Baja is now processing Nautical FMMs for Discover Baja members. For more information and an application, see our Nautical FMM page.


If you are traveling by boat down to Baja, by law you need to have a nautical FMM tourist permit every time you enter Mexican waters. The officials have been cracking down on boats and you will be required to show your fishing license and nautical FMM. There is a new online process where you can apply and pay online for sportfishing and nautical FMMs. FMMs cost $306 pesos per person. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard.

Go to Click on “English” on the far right top hand corner. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the red “Sport Fishing And Nautical Tourism” icon. This will take you to a page explaining the steps (listed below) that you need to take to obtain your nautical FMM.


Steps to Follow:

1. Go to where you can find a form that you can download (the first link listed at the bottom – “Sample Form for submission of lists of maritime passengers and crew members”) and enter in your own information for your vessel, entry and departure information, and a list of passengers that will be on board.

2. Then go to where you will fill out personal and vessel information and will pay for passengers. The fee is $306.00 pesos per person.

3. Email both the passenger list document and the receipt showing proof of payment from the Banjercito site to the local INM delegation in Ensneada at:

4. Applicants will receive an email from INM either authorizing the trip or denying entry to Mexico.

5. The authorizing email will contain INM’s permit to enter as a Visitor without Permission to Perform Paid Activities. The length of stay will cover the amount of time asked for on the application, yet such shall not exceed 180 days nor may it be used for multiple entries and departures. A copy will be sent to the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) and to the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT.)


FMMs are valid for 180 days but are not good for multiple entry – they are for single use only. If you are NOT going to be within 12 miles of land with the boat, you do not need to have an FMM.

If you are crossing into Mexico by land, you can get a prepaid FMM through Discover Baja.

As of 2014, all boats over 15 feet entering Baja now need to have a temporary boat importation permit. For more information, see our page HERE.


UPDATE: Discover Baja is now processing Nautical FMMs for Discover Baja members. For more information and an application, see our Nautical FMM page.



4 thoughts on “New Process for Sportfishing and Nautical FMMs

  1. Franny Morris says:

    Do I need the FMM if I’m already in baja and decide to go fishing?

    1. Discover Baja says:

      The nautical FMM is only for those who are entering into Baja by boat. If you are crossing into Baja by land, you will just need to get a regular FMM tourist permit (and then no other FMM is required if you are going out fishing). More information here:

  2. Paul says:

    Do I need a Temporary Boat Importation if For my boat it’s docked in San Diego and I fish in Mexican waters?

    1. Discover Baja says:

      If the boat enters Mexican waters, then yes, it needs a temporary importation permit.

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