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Ensenada’s Riviera del Pacifico

With its elegant white Spanish architecture and surrounding gardens, the Riviera del Pacifico has been one of Ensenada’s crowning jewels for nearly 100 years. The building has a rich history and still serves today as an important part of local culture. History Originally built as a hotel and casino, construction began on the what-was-then beachfront… Read more »

Baja’s Battle over the Birthplace of the Margarita

  There’s no doubt that one of Mexico’s most iconic commodities is the margarita. There are variations on the drink, but it most commonly consists of fresh lime juice, tequila, and controy (Mexico’s orange liquor), served with ice.  When you order a margarita, you can have it blended (liquada) or on the rocks (en las… Read more »