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Rancho Mil

rio hardy rancho mil

Southeast of Mexicali winds the Río Hardy, a 26-kilometer river that brings life to the desert and mountain landscape of this Baja region that many travelers are uninitiated with. This is an area where life is serene and unassuming. Where travelers kayak along the river during the day and watch the sky blanketed by stars… Read more »

Rock Art Sites of Baja California

Las Pintas Rock Art Baja Caifornia

By David Kier Rock art sites are some of Baja California’s most interesting attractions. They are found throughout the peninsula and the art takes on many forms and styles from place to place. The native people recorded their culture by depicting animals, food, battles, weather and more. Probably more is unknown than known as to… Read more »

Return to Malarrimo Beach

Malarrimo Beach Graham Mackintosh

By Graham Mackintosh Thirty years ago I was in the middle of a two-year quest to walk around the coast of Baja California. Pacific lagoons such as Ojo de Liebre (Scammon’s Lagoon) and Laguna San Ignacio presented special challenges. Heading north to south and unable to find any fishcamps on the northern shore, I had… Read more »

Sierra de la Laguna

Sierra de la Laguna Baja California Mexico

By David Kramer The Sierra de la Laguna had been a legend and a lure, growing in my imaginings for some time.  The seed was planted years ago, under the huge and newly-built palapa restaurant on the beach at Cerritos.  A middle-aged, expat ‘bro’ with tattoos and Oakley sunglasses that reflected the world as a… Read more »