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May Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

All blown out today! Gale warnings are posted for most areas north of Dana Point, while to the south there are Small Craft Advisories. The seas are very rough and nasty everywhere. Not a great way to end the month, but hopefully signaling the end of a long fierce winter, particularly on the Pacific side… Read more »

April Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

If talk could make fishing good, March would have been off the charts. Thousands of anglers flocked to the Fred Hall Shows in Long Beach, Bakersfield and Del Mar where having a long list of Baja hotels, charter fleets, and guides representing the peninsula from border to tip all under one roof was a special… Read more »

March Baja Fishing Report

Baja Fishing Report

Don’t miss the hoopla! March is The Ultimate Outdoor Recreation Month with Outdoor Shows featuring Fishing • Boating • Travel • Hunting filling the March calendar. While open to all locations, many of the Baja hotels, lodges, charter operations and tours, as well as the Department of Tourism, attend the shows; talk to experts on… Read more »

February Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

Soggy weather yielded a high percentage of unfishable days throughout January, although it didn’t discourage the hard-core anglers. Seasoned fishermen simply chose their days carefully and were rewarded with some nice catches. While the Coronado Islands had little traffic most of the month, the few boats visiting settled for decent bottom fishing at North Island… Read more »

January Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

At our home overlooking Lake Elsinore, December is fading with the coldest temperature along with the most rain since 2007. It could be it’s an omen of what’s in store for anglers for the next month or two in northern Baja. Plagued with recent small craft warnings, most boats and anglers chose to sit out… Read more »

December Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

Even in early December, bluefin tuna and white seabass are stealing all the thunder in Southern California as anyone who ventures far enough offshore to the Tanner Bank will attest. Meanwhile, just below the border at the Coronado Islands, the few boats fishing there are seeing red with rockfish and sheepshead (goats) the most likely… Read more »

November Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

  After being ignored throughout the summer because of the extraordinary tuna fishing enjoyed throughout Southern California, the Coronado Islands has finally begun to spring to life. A few more boats have been finding some decent-sized fish and slow-trolled sardines are the hot ticket, yielding some quality-sized yellowtail and bonito in front of South Island;… Read more »

October Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

    Pesca La Baja held their fifth and final Championship event, the Grande Finale, in Ensenada on September 23 and 24. Richard Elizondo, a San Quintín angler, was named the overall winner of the entire series of events held in San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay, Bahía de Los Angeles, San Quintín, and Ensenada.   The… Read more »

September Baja Fishing Report

10-loscabostuna baja fishing report

  The 17th Annual Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament was held in early August of 2016. The weather was great for the 65 teams with 429 anglers. An exciting new Release Category was added for teams preferring to release or that hooked billfish failing to make the qualifying weight of 300 pounds. More than 50%… Read more »

August Baja Fishing Report

Baja Fishing Report

This season, the dorado have been small with very few over ten pound and even fewer over twenty. It seems that the warnings of the past regarding overfishing the dorado have become a reality. The is the second year of practically no mature dorado — only juveniles. During the month of July this year, several… Read more »