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January 2018 Baja Fishing Report


Gazing in the rearview mirror for a moment, the 2017 memories are grand. If you made it to Baja you probably have a fish tale that you’ll tell and re-tell for many years to come. The anticipation for the upcoming year must be influenced by the marvelous Baja fishing experienced last year. Usually, the January… Read more »

December 2017 Baja Fishing Report


As another bonanza fishing month fades, it is difficult to accept that we have reached the final chapter of one of the most memorable fishing seasons Baja has experienced in many years. December expectations remain high, however, as improbable as that seems. Offshore, just below the border, the trophy-sized blue and yellowfin tuna still frolic… Read more »

November 2017 Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

It’s hard to imagine that there are still bluefin tuna at the Coronados, primarily around the Rockpile below South Island. However, they are mostly an anchor-and-chum deal if they are around. Also, some surface yellowtail, barracuda and big bonito are still lurking about, all the way down the coast from the Bull Ring to Ensenada…. Read more »

October 2017 Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

As the fall season ramps up, Southern California trailer boaters who are planning a quick-fix fishing trip below the border at the Coronado Islands and beyond have some challenges. Although the much-needed repairs and expansion of the Shelter Island ramp are underway, reports that it is still closed and the MCRD ramp is also… Read more »

September 2017 Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

You will need daily wrist bands or your Biosphere Passport if you plan on visiting the following places around Baja or the Mainland. (green sections in image below) DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THESE AREAS WITHOUT THE PROPER PERMITS! Step 1 – Register (If you plan on visiting these areas, click here to register and apply… Read more »

August Baja Fishing Report


What a difference a month makes … from “slow” to “go”! The tuna—both yellowfin and bluefin—seen last month finally began to bite in earnest on both sides of the border, offshore and in some cases pretty close to shore. Below the border, offshore yellowfin are far more prevalent weighing in from 15 pounds to over… Read more »

July Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

Although the appearance of blue and yellowfin tuna off the northern Baja coast seems to have stolen the headlines for nearly two months, thus far only a small percentage of the masses pursuing them have had any success. Granted there have been a few remarkable catches exceeding 200 pounds, but it still remains that the… Read more »

June Baja Fishing Report


Like Baja wildflowers, the fish of Baja come and go at their own pace. Of course anglers are an impatient lot who insist on trying to “will” the bite to begin, more often than not ending in frustration and disappointment. Offshore the bluefin, mostly in the 20- to 35-pound class with several spots of the… Read more »

May Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

All blown out today! Gale warnings are posted for most areas north of Dana Point, while to the south there are Small Craft Advisories. The seas are very rough and nasty everywhere. Not a great way to end the month, but hopefully signaling the end of a long fierce winter, particularly on the Pacific side… Read more »

April Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

If talk could make fishing good, March would have been off the charts. Thousands of anglers flocked to the Fred Hall Shows in Long Beach, Bakersfield and Del Mar where having a long list of Baja hotels, charter fleets, and guides representing the peninsula from border to tip all under one roof was a special… Read more »