Road Conditions

UPDATED August 10, 2018:

Baja Norte

  • There is construction along Mex 1 just east of Playas de Tijuana where traffic crosses over to share the lanes going the opposite direction
  • The Mexico 1 toll road between Rosarito and Ensenada is currently under construction around Salsipuedes. Please drive slowly and with caution.
  • Road construction is being done on toll road Mex 2D between Tecate and Mexicali from km. 70-74. The road goes down to one lane in both directions.
  • There’s work being done on Mex 3 between Tecate and Valle de Guadalupe north of Valle de Guadalupe. They are working to expand the road so expect road work and a few easy detours on dirt roads that run parallel to the road.
  • The Ensenada bypass that is planned to go from the northern route of Mex 3 near Valle de Guadalupe to Maneadero is only partially completed and open to local traffic. No word on when construction will be complete.
  • Mexico 1 through Maneadero has many potholes.
  • The paved road on Mex 5 from San Felipe to Puertecitos is in bad condition and is currently torn up for repair.  Km. 61-73 is very rough and requires extra time to travel. 
  • Mex 5 from Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay is paved and in good condition. The paved road continues for about 30 kilometers past Gonzaga before the pavement ends. There are another 21 miles or so of dirt road before you reach Mex 1. Construction crews are actively working to complete the paved road, but progress is slow. Take care on the dirt road and only drive during daylight hours. There are about 3-4 miles of paved road from Mex 1 at Chapala north that have just been completed and should be open and drivable soon.
  • Mex 1 is in extremely rough condition with pot holes and worn roads from about 10 miles south of El Rosario through Cataviña and down to about 10 miles south of  Lake Chapala. They are slowly working on patching some stretches of the road, but expect very rough road conditions for almost 200 kilometers.
  • Mex 1 is in bad condition with large potholes for about 10 miles around Santa Rosalillita.

Baja Sur

  • The road out to Abreojos has a number of potholes.
  • The north road into Scorpion Bay is passable with a four-wheel drive vehicle with high clearance.
  • The road from San Ignacio to Laguna San Ignacio is now paved almost all the way out to the lagoon. There are a few stretches where they are doing road maintenance.
  • Highway Mexico 1 has a lot of pot holes and washouts just north of Santa Rosalía. There is construction being done at the entrance of town in Santa Rosalía.
  • 30 miles north of Ciudad Insurgentes there are dirt detours while they are constructing bridges.
  • There is construction on Mexico 1 south of Ciudad Constitución with dirt detours as they work on widening the road.
  • The road out to San Javier is now paved all the way. The road is in good condition but the passes through a number of arroyos where vehicles will need to go through water. Be careful after rains. Inquire in Loreto about the latest conditions.
  • The road north of La Paz is in rough condition due to construction. Expect detours and drive with caution.
  • The paved road out to Bahía de los Sueños is in bad condition with washouts and many potholes.
  • The Cabo bypass is finished and drivable. This is a toll road with exits for Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the airport. The fees range from 32 pesos to 70 pesos depending on how far you will be taking the road.


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