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December 2016 Baja Bulletin

baja bulletin

FMM Tourist Permits for January Often FMM tourist permits change at the beginning of the calendar year—either the form or the price.  If you are crossing the border before January 1st, Discover Baja can still issue the prepaid FMMs. Discover Baja will not issue the prepaid FMMs for crossings in the first few days of January… Read more »

Peninsula Picks: 5 Top Baja Gifts

baja gift guide

If you need help narrowing down the best gifts for the Baja lover in your life, here are our top picks for the items we’re hoping to see under the tree this year. For more options, shop the complete gift guide!   McMahan Baja Poster Map Member price: $23.30 The legendary Mike McMahan’s Baja peninsula map… Read more »

The Top 10 Things to Do in Baja This Winter


By Jennifer Kramer While Baja has plenty to offer visitors year-round, winter is the season when most of the peninsula really comes to life. From craft beer and art gallery walks to natural hot springs and petting gray whales in the wild, there’s an activity to suit every taste. How many of them will you experience this season?… Read more »

Trailering Your Motorcycles in Baja

motorcycling baja

If you live far from the border or ride smaller dual-sport or dirt bikes, you may want to trailer your bikes to Baja. Jonathan bought his trailer about 30 years ago and has modified it to perfection for hauling bikes, an inflatable boat, outboard motor, and kayaks or paddleboards. He started with a Big Tex… Read more »

December Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

Even in early December, bluefin tuna and white seabass are stealing all the thunder in Southern California as anyone who ventures far enough offshore to the Tanner Bank will attest. Meanwhile, just below the border at the Coronado Islands, the few boats fishing there are seeing red with rockfish and sheepshead (goats) the most likely… Read more »

La Cocina Que Canta: Brunch-Wine-Bazar

la cocina que canta brunch wine bazar

By Jennifer Kramer It’s hard to mention the town of Tecate, Baja California without the name Rancho La Puerta coming up. For 75 years, the ranch has had a stronghold in the community, welcoming guests who come to escape everyday life through yoga and meditation classes, clean eating, art workshops, hiking, and a myriad of… Read more »

Three-Day Getaway: San Felipe

san felipe baja

By Jennifer Kramer Located just 2.5 hours south of the border, San Felipe is a small fishing village on the Sea of Cortez that has grown into a popular spot for expats and tourists. With its proximity to the U.S., San Felipe is perfect for weekend travelers coming to enjoy the relaxed Baja lifestyle. Fish… Read more »

Peninsula Picks: 5 of the Best Baja Missions

Loreto mission

The Spanish Jesuits, Franciscans, and Dominicans established 27 missions on the Baja California peninsula during their time colonizing the “New World.” Many of the Baja missions have been reduced to not much more than piles of rubble or a few adobe remains, but there are a few that have remained intact over the centuries. Here are… Read more »

November 2016 Baja Bulletin

baja bulletin

Baja 1000: Nov. 16-20 The Baja 1000 will be November 16-20. The course will be a loop race this year, beginning and ending in Ensenada. If you are planning on staying or traveling between Ensenada and El Rosario between now and the race, make sure you have reservations in advance. Due to pre racing and… Read more »