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An Off-Road Exploration of San Juanico, San José Comondú, and La Purísima

Mission San Jose de Comondu, Baja, BCS, Mulege, Loreto

By Carla King Travelers who visit us in Posada Concepción study our atlas trying to find a good route across the peninsula to San Juanico, San José Comondú, and La Purísima. All the roads look a little iffy, and they are. Weather and lack of maintenance can make it slow going and practically impassable even for 4x4s… Read more »

The Spanish Missions on the California Peninsula: #5, San José de Comondú (1708-1827)

By David Kier Co-author of ‘The Old Missions of Baja & Alta California, 1697-1834’  The fifth California mission was founded by the Jesuit Padre Julián de Mayorga about 30 miles northwest of Loreto and on a stream that flowed west to the Pacific Ocean. The new mission name was a combination of the Indian name… Read more »