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July Baja Fishing Report

Baja Fishing Report

  For those looking for an old Baja experience or an introduction to the Sea of Cortez, a trip that is often overlooked is a Midriff Island trip with the Tony Reyes group; this unique spring and summer time option is a mother ship operation where anglers fish from pangas — ideal for a father-son,… Read more »

November Baja Fishing Report

Julio Meza - Baja Fishing Report

While the media bandies about “El Niño,” its affects both present and future, Baja anglers smugly shrug their shoulders, smile, nod and announce, “It is what it is!” Looking backward so far it has been a “WOW!” And looking forward to November? It seems it will be more of the same. Before I jump into… Read more »

October Baja Fishing Report

roosterfish baja fishing report

The five-village Pesca La Baja series that we have followed through their tour, along with their 700 fishing participants, came to an explosive end in Ensenada. Some concluded that the “El Nino of 2015” just keeps on giving. Let’s be clear here: This entire report is influenced by that notion. So here we go… Roberto… Read more »

June Baja Fishing Report

Baja Fishing Report

Sport fishing State Championship “PESCA LA BAJA” 2015 edition 2. Tournament      San Luis Gonzaga, B.C.   June 26 and 27 3. Tournament      Bahía de los Ángeles, B.C.   July 24 and 25 4. Tournament      San Quintín, B.C.   August 21 and 22 5. Tournament      Ensenada, B.C. GRAND FINALE    September 18 and 19   The first… Read more »

April Baja Fishing Report

Baja Fishing Report - Roosterfish

By Gary Graham As spring break comes and goes – and March winds diminish – April seems poised to once again be a transition month with some interesting possibilities already on the table. Some anglers eagerly await the exotics while others are wisely going with the flow, capitalizing on the phenomenal yellowtail fishing that survived… Read more »