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December Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

Even in early December, bluefin tuna and white seabass are stealing all the thunder in Southern California as anyone who ventures far enough offshore to the Tanner Bank will attest. Meanwhile, just below the border at the Coronado Islands, the few boats fishing there are seeing red with rockfish and sheepshead (goats) the most likely… Read more »

June Baja Fishing Report

Baja Fishing Report

  Offshore approximately 70 miles on a 280-degree heading from Ensenada is the zone where bluefin, yellowfin and albacore are being caught — tough to get any of them to bite. Most were caught on cedar plugs, surface iron and flat falls. The bluefin were mostly in the 50- to 75-pound class with some fish… Read more »

September Baja Fishing Report

Discover Baja Fishing Report

The last event before the Pesca La Baja finale (which will be held in Ensenada on September 18 and 19) took place August 21 and 22 at San Quintin. It attracted 170 local and visiting anglers who gathered at the starting line in front of Old Mill (Molino Viejo). By the end of the second… Read more »

July Baja Fishing Report

July Baja Fishing Report

  Reporting from San Luis Gonzaga, B.C. The second of the Sport fishing State Championship “PESCA LA BAJA” 2015 edition series was held June 25-27, 2015 according to Chris Wheaton, IGFA Representative. Although complete results are sketchy, he provided the following update: They hooked and broke off many large fish, but were able to get… Read more »

May Baja Fishing Report

Baja Fishing Report

By Gary Graham After a practically non-existent winter, April seemed poised to fling open the swinging doors to a banner spring season. What can I say? Mother Nature pulled a gotcha! Grumpy weather and falling sea-temps influenced the bite along the West Coast of Baja. What had become a reliable yellowtail bite convinced the crews… Read more »