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July 2022 Baja Fishing Report

“You Can’t Go Awry in July!”   As usual, the Baja sports fishing is heating up nicely; bluefin remain among us both above and below the border. Conditions offshore are reported to be ideal for not only tuna but a few dorado and billfish are whispered about in the reports. In addition to striped marlin, someone… Read more »

June 2022 Baja Fishing Report

“Get in Tune in June!” Oddly enough, below the Border, the Bull Ring and Coronado Islands have been slow getting started this year. However, from Ensenada to San Quintín, check this out! This photo is of a catch of BLUEFIN TUNA (one of many) caught off the coast of Ensenada, according to Victor Mendez, head… Read more »

May 2022 Baja Fishing Report

Yay for May! It has been worth the wait as fishing now blooms from Baja’s border to the tip. As reported on an exploratory trip last month, the limits of bluefin tuna have settled in and are part of the glowing offshore reports from the border to below San Quintín. In addition, there are reports… Read more »

April 2022 Baja Fishing Report

Not a minute too soon! The sun is shining, the temps are rising, the winds are diminishing, and the sea is flattening – all underscore that winter is in the rearview mirror. As we look forward, most Baja anglers consider spring as the prelude to prime fishing time, stretching from now to October. It is… Read more »

March 2022 Baja Fishing Report

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,”an old Dean Martin favorite, certainly describes the weather conditions in Baja (Norte) recently. However, the enthusiastic Baja anglers refuse to be deterred. In early February, on a Facebook public group, CLUB DE PESCA TIJUANA-ROSARITO-ENSENADA, Victor Hugo Barraza posted the remarkable achievement of a bluefin tuna caught from the shore near La… Read more »

February 2022 Baja Fishing Report

In a “be careful what you wish for” sort of way, the rain was blown away by strong Santa Ana winds, producing small craft warnings up and down the Pacific Coast! Sigh… Hence the fishing news from the Coronados was mostly old or none at all. However, at Ensenada, some boats made it out, scoring… Read more »

January 2022 Baja Fishing Report

The year 2021 ended with reports of the heaviest, record-setting rains and snowstorms in some parts of California since 1983. These reports were followed by Captain Aliyar’s (Polaris Supreme) exciting news, “We are back on the giant bluefin off the Northern Baja Coast with 16 bluefin from 100 to 200-pounds! It is a great start… Read more »

December 2021 Baja Fishing Report

Gale warnings underscored November as it exited this year and the final month of 2021 begins, but not to worry. The giant bluefin tuna that dominated the fishing during the Fall just below the border won’t be intimidated by a little stormy weather. Before the weather went sideways, a few calico bass were taken on red flake… Read more »

November 2021 Baja Fishing Report

    October ended with a rash of cranky weather from the border down to Ensenada. However, sea temps remained reasonable, and once the grumpy weather settled down, the catch reports included rockfish, reds, sheepshead, and whitefish. There are still some small yellowtail, bonito in the 4 to 8-pound class, calico bass, and a few… Read more »