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November Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

  After being ignored throughout the summer because of the extraordinary tuna fishing enjoyed throughout Southern California, the Coronado Islands has finally begun to spring to life. A few more boats have been finding some decent-sized fish and slow-trolled sardines are the hot ticket, yielding some quality-sized yellowtail and bonito in front of South Island;… Read more »

September Baja Fishing Report

10-loscabostuna baja fishing report

  The 17th Annual Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament was held in early August of 2016. The weather was great for the 65 teams with 429 anglers. An exciting new Release Category was added for teams preferring to release or that hooked billfish failing to make the qualifying weight of 300 pounds. More than 50%… Read more »

November Baja Fishing Report

Julio Meza - Baja Fishing Report

While the media bandies about “El Niño,” its affects both present and future, Baja anglers smugly shrug their shoulders, smile, nod and announce, “It is what it is!” Looking backward so far it has been a “WOW!” And looking forward to November? It seems it will be more of the same. Before I jump into… Read more »