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A reassuring conversation about adventuring in Baja

motorcycling baja

By Carla King This month I thought I’d share a Facebook Messenger conversation with a Facebook follower who was spooked about traveling in Baja by friends who insist there are gangsters waiting for them around every corner. It makes me happy to be able to reassure! [Conversation spell-corrected and anonymized as well as providing links to… Read more »

Here We Go Again

By Gary Graham My first venture into Baja was Easter week 1969, when I traveled with my very excited nine year-old son Greg to Loreto. What an adventure it was for the two of us.  With many moving parts, I had planned the trip with attention to detail. Although we were scheduled to depart from Tijuana on a DC-3 that Ed Tabor, founder… Read more »

Practical advice and etiquette for Baja adventurers

Baja Motorcycle Riding

It’s sometimes difficult to know how to behave in a country other than our own and though intentions may be good, in our hurry or ignorance we often blithely pass through without knowing how we should have behaved until late in our journey. Mexicans are very forgiving, but I do regret having unintentionally blundered when… Read more »

The economics of a Baja adventure: an events and books review

Baja attracts a wide variety of personalities: Corporate life escapees in RVs, 4x4s, truck trailers, or expensive dual-sport motorcycles. Off-road racers with million-dollar machines. Millennials hauling backpacks or pedaling fat-tired bicycles. Tour groups buzzing across the landscape on dirt bikes. Retirees parked under a palapa with kayaks and cribbage tables. Surfers in vans. Sailors, fishers,… Read more »

Summer Fun with Kids in Baja


School’s out for summer, which means it’s time to load up the SUV and head south for some family fun on the peninsula. There’s nothing better than disconnecting from the internet to spend time together fishing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and exploring the unique treasures of the peninsula. Here are some of our favorite family-friendly experiences… Read more »

San Felipe and Rancho Percebu

baja rentals san felipe

By Monica Garcia As one of the top destinations in northern Baja California, San Felipe is a region that has a lot to offer visitors. The beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez, a relaxed and easy-going pace of life, seafood and other culinary treats, and the famous Valle de Gigantes with huge cardon cacti. From… Read more »

The Best Free Apps for Traveling in Baja

Baja travel apps

We’ve put together some of the best free apps for traveling in Baja. Whether you’re planning your route, wondering what the gas prices are going to be, looking for a great place to stay or trying to figure out how many pesos you’re getting for your dollar, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite, useful… Read more »