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Peninsula Picks: Best Baja Experiences for 2022


New year, new opportunity for Baja experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned Baja explorer or new to traveling the peninsula, these are some of Baja’s best treasures that shouldn’t be missed. Hug the Gray Whales Why We Love It: One of the most unique experiences on the peninsula is getting to have an up-close-and-personal experience with… Read more »

The Mission Walker: Trekking El Camino Real

When she was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, Edie Littlefield Sundby was given three months to live. In response, she beat the cancer and decided to walk the 800-mile Alta California Mission trail from San Diego to Sonoma. When the cancer returned, she beat it again and then decided to walk the other 800 miles of… Read more »

Peninsula Picks: 5 of the Best Baja Missions

Loreto mission

The Spanish Jesuits, Franciscans, and Dominicans established 27 missions on the Baja California peninsula during their time colonizing the “New World.” Many of the Baja missions have been reduced to not much more than piles of rubble or a few adobe remains, but there are a few that have remained intact over the centuries. Here are… Read more »

David Kier Lecture: Baja California Land of Missions

David Kier Missions Lecture July 14

Discover Baja is pleased to present a lecture by David Kier, author of the new book “Baja California Land of Missions” on Thursday, July 14th,  2016 at 7:00pm in San Diego. Join us as we learn about where and when the Spanish missions were founded on the Baja peninsula.  The missions are an important part of… Read more »

Baja California Land of Missions

Baja California Land of Missions David Kier copy

We’re pleased to announce the release of “Baja California Land of Missions,” a new book written by David Kier about the Spanish missions on the Baja peninsula. This 243-page work is a detailed history of the activities begun by the Spanish Empire, commissioning several orders of Catholic priests, and others, in an attempt to colonize… Read more »

Baja California Spanish Missions Trip

Missions, Architecture, Historical Sites, Rock Art and Nature! October 20th – October 29th, 2015 Join famous Baja author and Baja Missions expert, David Kier, on this Discover Baja and Baja Custom Tours special trip to see many of the famous Baja Spanish Missions, other historical sites, and loads of natural/eco sites! This 10-day/9-night, all-inclusive trip… Read more »

Jesuits at Baja California Missions

Baja Missions

Jesuits at Baja California Missions, 1697-1768. By David Kier ©2015 During the seventy years of their administration of the California missions, Jesuit priests founded, operated, and managed 17 missions. Eight missions were moved after their founding, usually to better water supplies. Four of the missions that were moved over 15 miles from their founding site… Read more »

The Spanish Missions on the California Peninsula: #27, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (1834-1840)

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Mission Baja California

Ojá Coñúrr (Painted Rock) was the native Indian name for the location of the final mission in both Baja and Alta California. Mexico had won its independence from Spain in 1821. Dominican Padre Felix Caballero named this new mission in honor Mexico’s patron saint, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. The founding date has been given as… Read more »

The Spanish Missions on the California Peninsula: #17, Nuestra Señora de Columna (Calamajué) /Santa María de los Ángeles (1766-1774)

By David Kier Co-author of ‘The Old Missions of Baja & Alta California, 1697-1834’  The 17th and final Jesuit California mission was founded by Padre Victoriano Arnés and Padre Juan José Diez, at a site called Calagnujuet. The Cochimí name was soon modified to Calamajué (Cala-ma-WAY). In Johann Jakob Baegert’s 1772 book, ‘Observations in Lower… Read more »