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August 2018 Baja Bulletin

baja bulletin

  New PedEast San Ysidro Pedestrian Crossing Opening A new pedestrian border crossing at San Ysidro is scheduled to start operations on August 15th. The new facility is replacing the temporary eight-lane structure that has been in use during construction. The PedEast border crossing will have 22 lanes but is planned to open with 10… Read more »

In the Aftermath of Odile

By Ann Hazard In the late hours of September 15, 2014, Hurricane Odile—a Category 3 Hurricane with winds in excess of 100 mph—roared ashore in Los Cabos. Windows were blown out of luxury hotels. Roofs flew off, buildings flooded. The airport and everything around it looked like it had been bombed. Cars, power lines and… Read more »