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“The Journeys of Harry Crosby” Documentary

    The San Diego History Center needs your help to bring the documentary film The Journeys of Harry Crosby to the big screen. Photographer Harry W. Crosby is a national treasure and a California legend whose explorations and landmark photography have been featured in classic books on the Baja Peninsula. Through his work, Crosby is almost… Read more »

The Journeys of Harry Crosby completes production in Baja California and San Diego

    At 92 years old, Harry W. Crosby is a local hero, and soon-to-be national treasure. Though largely unknown outside the U.S. Southwest and Mexico,  Harry is almost single-handedly responsible for introducing the culture, history, and magic of the Baja California Peninsula to  audiences on both sides of the border. Cinewest Productions is collaborating with the… Read more »