San Ysidro Fast Pass Lane Directions

As of  January 2021, Tijuana’s San Ysidro border crossing has a new entrance for the medical & business fast pass lane. The lane is now accessed at the north end of Paseo de los Héroes (MAP) in the far left lane. Stay to the left of the yellow barriers in the lane with the green sign that says “Carril Exclusivo USA Servicios Medicos/Negocios.” There will be a white booth with an official who will verify your Fast Pass.

In order to use the Fast Pass Lane for expedited border crossing, you must have a received a Fast Pass from a medical establishment or hotel in Baja. This Fast Pass is good for one-time use only. For more information about the Fast Pass and establishments where you can get a pass, visit our Fast Pass Page. 


Photo Courtesy Lourdes Loza Romero for Zeta Tijuana



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