Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions

If you’re looking to beat the traffic of Tijuana and the crowds of San Ysidro, we recommend taking the Otay Mesa border crossing. The easiest way to do this if you’re coming from south of Rosarito is to take the Boulevard 2000. We put together step-by-step directions from the free road or toll road where the Blvd 2000 begins to the Otay Mesa SENTRI entrance. We also have a PDF of the Otay Mesa SENTRI directions that you can download to print and take with you!


*Please note that while we try to ensure our directions are as current and accurate as possible, construction, road closures, border changes, and other unforeseen circumstances may cause differences in the information presented in these directions and the actual border situation.*


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions Map

1. The beginning of the Blvd 2000 is located at Popotla just south of Baja Studios GPS: 32.285045, -117.031409. You can access it from the free road (km 33) or from the northbound toll road.


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 1

2. Turn onto the Blvd. 2000 and head east for 25 miles.


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 2

3. After about 25 miles, you’ll see a turn off to the right for “TIJUANA/SAN DIEGO.” Take this exit to the right.


4. Drive with precaution around the hairpin turn. This will take you onto Mex 2. Continue for 4 miles on Mex 2.

4. Drive with precaution around the hairpin turn. This will take you onto Mex 2. Continue for 4 miles on Mex 2.


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 4

5. You’ll see a large overhead sign directing traffic. Get in the right hand lane to follow the signs to “BLVD BELLAS ARTES/ZONA INDUSTRIAL.”


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 5

6. Make the right hand turn at the traffic light just after the overhead sign. This will put you onto Calz Alfonso Vidal y Planas


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 6

7. Continue a few blocks until you reach Blvd de las Bellas Artes. Make a left hand turn onto Bellas Artes.


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 7

8. Continue for a few blocks. Get into the right hand lane.


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 8

9. At the intersection for Colina del Sol (just before the overpass), you’ll make a soft right hand turn, turning into the SENTRI Lanes which are to the left of the street median and the right of the car wash. (where the white truck is going in the photo)


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 9

10. You will see the SENTRI lane sign right above you. Continue down this road to reach the border. You will make a slight turn to the left at the end of this road to curve into the SENTRI lanes.


Otay Mesa SENTRI Directions 10

11. You are now in the SENTRI lanes. The pedestrian lanes will be on your right if you need to make a drop off.


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