Mexicali East border directions

Mexicali EAST Northbound Border Directions – Regular, SENTRI, and Ready Lanes

Border GPS: 32.666839, –115.387892

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*Please note that while we try to ensure our directions are as current and accurate as possible, construction, road closures, border changes, and other unforeseen circumstances may cause differences in the information presented in these directions and the actual border situation.*




1. From Highway Mexico 5 heading north, you will enter into Mexicali. Stay to the right on the road (following signs for Tijuana and San Luis RC for Mexico 2) to stay above where the road splits and part of it veers below ground.


2. As you approach the junction with Highway Mexico 2, you will pass Costco on your right.


3. Just before reaching the junction with Mexico 2, turn right at the traffic light onto Calz. Manuel Gómez Morín.


4. Do NOT follow the sign to turn left for “Garita” as this will lead you to the Mexicali WEST border crossing. Continue straight on Calz. Manuel Gómez Morín. The street will head east and then north.


5. Continue for about 3.8 miles on Calz. Manuel Gómez Morín, following signs for “Garita II.” The water aqueduct will be along your left.


6. Turn right on Calzada Cetys, following signs for “Calzada Cetys” and “Aeropuerto”


7. Continue for about 2 miles until you reach Calle Novena/Blvd Garita (also shown as Calzada Abelardo L. Rodriguez on some maps). Turn left at the traffic light onto Calle Novena to head north up to the border.


8. Continue on Calle Novena for about 1.5 miles. You will approach the border fence, which will be on your right. You will pass the commercial border crossing before coming to the regular vehicle crossing.


9. The non-commercial vehicle crossing will be marked “Garita II”. All lanes (SENTRI, Ready Lane, and Regular) will be here at the same entrance. Make sure to follow the signs to get into the correct lane. For the regular vehicle lanes, you will follow the green sign for “Camiones Autos” and turn right before the SENTRI and Ready Lanes. Both SENTRI and Ready Lane can be reached by following the green “Linea SENTRI” sign (SENTRI will be to the far left and Ready Lane to the right of SENTRI).




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