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August 2019 Baja Fishing Report


From the California border to the tip of Baja, hot weather mixed with periodic rain squalls are to be expected throughout August, and along those same lines, the fishing will also be sporadic. Currently, the Coronado Islands, North Island, Middle Grounds, and Ribbon Kelp are basking in a warm water bubble of 68- to near… Read more »

July 2019 Baja Fishing Report

The waters and the fishing in Baja are ever changing. Every few years, Mother Nature decides to throw a curve ball at the angler who has gotten used to going to certain areas to fish for certain species. For instance, even in June, the water off the Bull Ring, along with the flats toward the… Read more »

June 2019 Baja Fishing Report


Just below the border, calico bass can be found along the outer edge of the beds at the Bull Ring. From there out to the Coronado Islands, the water is still cool and off-color sporadically. Slow-trolling sardine or Rapala is the best bet for small boaters for a few decent-sized yellowtail, although the cold, dirty… Read more »

May 2019 Baja Fishing Report


  Massive schools of bluefin tuna are in easy range below the border, providing anglers with incredible early season action.   Near-limits to limits are the norm for those heading offshore. These quality fish range from 60- to 150-plus pounds and are in range of private boats out of Ensenada as well as San Diego…. Read more »

April 2019 Baja Fishing Report

  California and Baja are drought-free for the first time in nearly a decade! If you are planning to drive either Mex 1 or 5 soon, expect some exciting photo ops along the way as the heavy rains throughout Baja brought extraordinary wildflower blooms as well as monarch and painted lady butterflies—both considered signs of… Read more »

March 2019 Baja Fishing Report


  Baby, it’s cold (and wet) outside! This certainly seemed to be the theme for northern Baja in February. Still, the sand bass bite down at the TJ Bull Ring is going good, weather permitting. Fresh dead squid pinned on a 1.5- to 2.5-ounce leadhead is scoring legal-sized bass up to 7- and 8-pounds along… Read more »

February 2019 Baja Fishing Report

baja fishing report

We’ve had typical January weather, unsettled with some welcomed rain and even an unusual snowfall or two in Baja Norte. However, it didn’t deter the promised winter yellowtail bite that ran from the Coronado Islands below the border along the Pacific Coast all the way down to Vizcaíno Peninsula. Adding to the remarkable action in… Read more »

January 2019 Baja Fishing Report


As the final days of 2018 were winding down, my various social media accounts were filled with reports of cold, windy, and in some cases, wet weather, along with small craft warnings and high surf from the border all the way down the Pacific coast of Baja to Abreojos.   Close to the U.S. border,… Read more »

December 2018 Baja Fishing Report

december baja fishing report

Did Santa come early for Baja Anglers? It’s not quite time for Santa, but conditions for most of Baja are more like late fall than winter in almost all areas. Just below the border the Bull Ring area is mostly in bottom fishing mode with a mix of reds, flags, tree fish, Johnny bass and… Read more »

November 2018 Baja Fishing Report


With all the offshore yellowfin and bluefin tuna, along with dorado and an occasional striped marlin to spice things up offshore, the Coronado Islands have had little traffic. That said, the weather side of North Island and the Gun Site area have had decent numbers of big bonito, but boats haven’t seen any signs of… Read more »